The Call of The Goddess (Aka The Divine Feminine At Work)

The Divine Feminine is on the rise and her rising is something that will help us all. For so long, the Feminine has been criticized or labeled as weak, but in this new energetic era, her rising will be essential to our evolution as a species. The more we learn to embrace her, the more beautiful life can become when we learn how to live in harmony with nature and ourselves. Learn more about her in today’s post.

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Let's Talk About Death

Are spirituality and death mutually exclusive? What is a soul and what is the afterlife like? In today’s post, I dig deep into the meaning of life, death and the afterlife as I explore some interesting phenomena and theories that dive into the mystical notions about life, death and the afterlife.

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New Moon Ritual: November 7, 2018 New Moon in Scorpio

Hello lovelies! This little mid-week post is all about the New Moon in Scorpio and I just wanted to do a small post about the ritual you can do this New Moon to invite in healing, transformation and so much more! This has been a crazy amazing season full of growth and healing for all of us and with this New Moon it all comes full circle to help us step into the best version of ourselves that we can be, so I hope this ritual can serve you in that regard and I hope you enjoy.

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For The Mystics

Today I’m getting really personal and vulnerable on the blog all about my own spiritual path and how I’m exploring things that a year ago I never would have even considered believing in. This is the first post I’ve ever been really emotional during the writing phase and the first post I’ve ever been afraid to hit publish on. I’m getting real with you and it’s scary but at the same time I need to do this, for myself and for you. I hope you enjoy.

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Life Update: Living in Alignment, Inner Work & More

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how I am living in alignment and how I’ve been doing that these past couple of months. Today I’m giving you an honest update on where I am, what I’m learning and how I’m living according to my values presently with school starting and other things going on, and how they’ve affected my spiritual practice recently.

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Playfulness & Wonder: Inviting Your Inner Child Into Your Everyday

Do you remember when you used to laugh out loud just because? Do you remember delighting in the world around you, exploring every nook and cranny that came your way? Do you remember enjoying your days, believing in magic and having what seems like way more fun than you do now? If you do, then I should inform you that you can still have those moments and you can still be that person. It’s all about connecting to your Inner Child within, so today on the blog we’re talking all about playfulness and delight and how you can add a little magic to your everyday. Join me on the blog to hear more!

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You Are Sacred + An Embodiment Practice For You

You are sacred.

This single truth has helped me evolve in ways that I didn’t expect, and today I’m sharing that with you on the blog in the form of a declaration of sorts, a new narrative that I hope will find you and serve you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Thank you for being here and I hope this serves you well!

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Dealing with Change with Peace & Joy-How to Be Calm Amidst Life's Transitions

Are you in a period of transition?

Maybe life is feeling chaotic and you need some guidance.

I hope that the tips I’ll be sharing with you this week can help you during this time and I’ll be sharing a little bit about how I’ve recently dealt with some transition in my own life as well as how I'm handling it with peace.

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The Importance of Inner Work & How It Can Transform Humanity

Do you feel called to show up in your life for your callings and inner work?

Do you want to create a shift in the world for more love?

Heads up beautiful, it starts with you and it starts now.

In today’s show I talk about how you can show up for your work authentically and how your work and inner callings can serve humanity.

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Joyful Living & Chronic Pain - Episode 3 of the Live Soulfully Free Podcast

Struggle with chronic pain or a physical condition and wonder how to incorporate mindfulness into that? Do you want to live joyfully, with flow and ease, but feel your pain gets in the way? I’ve felt that way in the past and I certainly have my moments where I feel that way presently. As someone who deals with chronic pain, I know how hard it can be to shift out of a negative mindset surrounding it, in fact, it is still something I struggle with, but I’m utilising different techniques to be able to deal with it with flow and ease. In today’s podcast episode, I talk about how I’m doing that and how it’s been impacting my life since adopting these practices. It’s certainly always a journey, and especially with this past month it has been hard to deal with, but I rest in the knowledge, as I hope you do too, that each day I can get better and better and that each day is a new opportunity to approach my body mindfully and with compassion.

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The Vibration of Appreciation & How It Can Serve Us in Our Daily Lives

Have you ever stopped to think about how appreciation works to make you happier? Or how to harness the emotion of appreciation to have more joy in life?

Today I’m talking about why appreciation brings us more joy and how we can harness its vibration to help us lead happier, more inspired and soulful lives on the blog.

I’ve also got a fun challenge for you at the end of the post so that you can learn how to uplevel your life and regularly experience the high vibration of appreciation as you flow through your days.

Read on to find out more!

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