4 Tips For An Intentional New Year + A Free Workbook

New Year’s Resolutions-we’ve all made them. But honestly, how many of us keep our resolutions past January 15th?

So, we could do the same thing each year, we could set our resolutions and hope for the best. Or, we could do something different, and set intentions for the year. 

How is that different from setting a resolution? 

There is a difference between goals and intentions. Intentions are less about the end destination, and more about the journey you’ll take to get there. It’s about the meaning behind the intention, and who you become in the process.

Rather than goals set in the future, intentions are set in the present. They ground you, rooting you in your deepest values. You can incorporate intentions into your daily life to bring more of what you want into it, and become the person you want to be.  

They are a point of growth, and can help you accomplish your goals through daily self-improvement. 

So now that you know a bit about intentions, here are four tips to help you set your own: 



As they say, hindsight gives the best insight. By reflecting on your experiences in this past year, you can learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories. You can learn what you want more of and what you want to let go of in the next year.  

Everything in this year, every experience and every action, provides an opportunity for growth. Reflection can be one of the best ways to access the learning points from those experiences. 


Which Categories Do You Want to Grow In? 

Lavendaire gave some beautiful advice for the new year in her newest video, and one piece of advice was to think of your life in categories. Think about each category, for instance health, and think about one thing you want to do to grow in that category. 

She also said to remember that you cannot grow in every category at the same time at the same rate, which I think is a big hole we get sucked into. Resolutions leave us feeling overwhelmed with everything we feel we have to do, and just focusing on one area gives us the freedom to grow in the area we need, without it being overwhelming. 


Focus on What Makes You Happy

Everyone wants more happiness, but when setting resolutions we often forget happiness in favor of hard-earned goals. While I think that growth requires some hard work, I also think that focusing on what makes us happier can lead to a better year. 

Your intentions are set by focusing on what leads you to become the person you want to be, what you want more of in life, and what makes you happier. If you’re happier, you are better able to have a clear vision in life, and enjoy your life more in the new year. So don’t forget to infuse a little fun into your intentions, because it will definitely give back to you.


Get Clarity 

When setting intentions, it’s important to be really clear in what you want. Ask yourself thought-provoking questions about your year. Get clear on how you want your life to look like in the new year. Create a vision board.

That’s a lot to do, huh? Do you know where to start? Do you even know what you want? If you don’t have an answer to those questions, you aren’t alone. Lucky for you, I’ve created a free workbook curated just for you-vision board included. Click here to get your free copy when you sign up for my email list. If you’re already on my email list, you can find the workbook in the resource library.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for an intentional new year! Comment below or hit me up on social media with one intention you have for 2018.

Hope you have a great new year! I’ll see you in 2018!