Tips For Creating Your 2018 Vision Board

2018 is here, and in case you haven't heard, this year is going to be amazing! So, I've been performing my own rituals for the new year, from meditation to reading to visualization. But, being a visual person, I decided to create a visual board for 2018.

It got me into a very dreamy state of mind, and I thought that you deserved to feel dreamy too, so today I am sharing my tips for creating a vision board that makes you swoon.


Why Create a Vision Board?

Vision boards are sometimes profiled as overrated. You may have thought of some cardboard cutout with a bunch of old photos super-glued together. Maybe that made you cringe if you like clean design, or maybe it made you swoon with nostalgia.

Either way, creating a vision board can mean whatever you want it to mean, whether that's a cardboard cutout or Pinterest. The thing about a vision board is that it's here for you. It is here to help you feel inspired for the new year, and get you into a dreamy state of mind so that you can have a clear vision of your life. 

This is the first year that I've ever created a vision board, and I can say that it has been a beautiful practice for me to get in touch with myself and my intentions. When I want to get a picture of where I'm going, I go to my vision board. When I feel lost and I need a reminder of all that I'm capable of, I go to my vision board. When I want to get in touch with my intentions for 2018, I go to my vision board. It helps me stay connected to what matters most in my life and keeps me feeling inspired for the new year.


How to Create a Vision Board

When you set out to create a vision board, especially if it is your first time creating one, you may wonder where to start and what you need to put on the board. Here are a few tips to help you in the process:


The best way to clarify what you want to put on the board is to start with where you want to be. Where do you see yourself in December of 2018? Who are you, what do you look like, what does your environment look like? These thought provoking questions are a good place to start.

If you did happen to map out your goals or intentions for 2018, those are also a great place to start. If didn't decide on any intentions but are interested in developing a few, read this post for my tips on intention-setting as well as a free workbook to help you set your own.



Now that you've clarified what you want to focus on when creating your vision board, choose what you want to use as your vision board. For me, I love clean design, so Pinterest was my go-to. However, you may find nostalgia in a physical vision board.

Either way, the key to choosing a platform is what makes you feel most inspired. Does a physical board stir inspiration in you or does Pinterest better suit your interests? Whatever it is, choose what makes you feel happiest.


If you feel stuck when choosing your photos, think about the past year. With each year and each decade, there is a steady flow of memories. Different colors stand out in a series of paintings, much like any time period in life.

Think abut the past year and how it has all come together to form what is now your life. You've likely changed a bit, and your life may look drastically different than it did a year ago. If there was a board full of images that encapsulate the past year, each one would hold a certain meaning and a certain message.

Now think of the vision you have for December 2018, and think of what images you would want to encapsulate the year. Those are the images to add to your vision board, to tell the story of this coming year. They encapsulate who you want to become, where you want to be and the continuing story of your life.


If you are still in need of a little inspiration, don't worry. This is my first year officially creating a vision board and I'm not sure I'm done with it yet, but I've definitely cultivated a feeling of inspiration that I want to share with you. Check out my vision board for 2018 here.

 Also, I've made a handy guide so that you can map out and create your own vision board for 2018. Plus, this guide comes complete with templates for those of us who like physical vision boards. Click here to get access to the guide when you sign up for my email list and gain access to my free resource library.


Alright, that'll be it for today. Comment down below with a link to your vision board if you made it digitally or a picture if you made it by hand.

Tune in next week for more posts like this one.  Hope you have an amazing Friday and a great weekend!