5 Foodstagrams You'll Never Regret Following

If there's one thing that I absolutely love, it's food. The second best thing-looking at pictures of delicious, delectable, healthy food. I've fallen in love with healthy eating in large part due to Pinterest and Instagram showing me just how good it can be. 

So, if you love food as much as I do or you want some inspiration, check out these foodstagrams for your daily dose of yum: 


Lee From America

Lee Tilghman is a wellness blogger and recipe developer who lives in LA. She is an amazing cook, but she also branches out into holistic wellness on social media as well as her blog. Her recipes look absolutely delectable, but my favorite part about her Instagram has to be her stories.

I knew that I had to follow her when I saw one of her Instagram stories and it was such a relatable moment. She was walking down the street, and she was being so honest about where she was in her life and saying, "You know when..." and she was so authentic. I knew that in addition to being a wonderful cook, she was also a beautiful person and I knew that I had to follow her.  


Alison Wu

A friend of Lee Tilghman, Alison Wu is a recipe developer, stylist and wellness blogger living in Portland, Oregon. Aside from her gorgeous lavender feed, her #foodstagrams look delicious. From salads to matcha to smoothie bowls, Alison makes healthy eating look so savory. 

She's also focused on holistic wellness, and continually creates fantastic content on her blog that inspires others to gravitate towards this lifestyle of wholeness and health.



Remy Park is a wellness enthusiast, health blogger and vegan foodie living in NYC. When I heard her tag I instantly fell in love with the name. It's childlike and displays both her love for food as well as her lighthearted spirit. Seeing her feed, rich in salads and smoothie bowls, I knew I had to follow her. 


Odile Joly-Petit

Odile is a French food blogger, and vegan enthusiast. Her vibrant feed is enough to make you fall in love with healthy recipes. But my favorite thing about her feed is the fact that she mixes healthy recipes with deserts. It's so important to have a balance between eating healthy and indulgence. 

Odile's feed is so vibrant and colorful, it adds such a light to every day so be sure to check her out on Instagram.


Lulu's Dream Town

Luisa Gaffga is a body-posi, self-love guru and vegan chef living in Germany. Mixing sweet and savory, this chef uses social media to showcase her masterpieces as well as promote positivity. In her #lulusletters, she speaks to her viewers about spirituality, self-love and a life well lived. 

I think that her message and spirit behind it are so essential to today's world. She promotes wholesome living inside and out and always leaves you feeling better than before. 

Thanks so much for being here! I hope that you got a lot of inspiration for your food adventures in this post. Tell me in the comments if there are any #foodstagrams you love! 

See you Friday, lovelies!