5 Ways to Be More Introspective

As winter approaches and we exit out of the outgoing, adventurous spirit of summer, we embark on a new adventure. Winter brings about a different journey, a journey inward, as we enter into a season of introspection and introversion.

With that being said, here are five ways to draw inward this winter: 



I’ve never been one to have a diary, but this year I started getting into journaling. It helped me process situations, align with my highest values, and connected me to my intuition.

The more I journal, the more I realize my true inner strength. I can get past any situation, there is something greater guiding me and I do have purpose.

One of my favorite apps for this is Perspective, a journaling app that helps you to assess where you are in life and get all of your thoughts down on paper (well, digital paper 😉).



I love meditation, but as I’ve said before, I am not consistent with my practice. I’m trying now to meditate every day.  

In the past, I loved guided meditations, but I’m slowly learning the power of silence. It can be healing just to sit in silence with yourself, even when you have crazy thoughts. 

I realized about a month ago that I was deeply disconnected to myself, and meditation is one of the things that helps me the most to make sure I stay connected.


Question Yourself

One way to create change in your life is to go inward to observe the beliefs you hold and why. One of the best questions you can ask yourself is, “Why?”

Letting go of what no longer serves you is how you become more present and it leads you to create beliefs that are rooted in your highest values. 


Take a Walk

Nature has a certain lifeforce energy, and I find that even taking ten minutes to just be in your surroundings can make all the difference. 

Having the freedom to walk means having the freedom to think. I mean, there are many ways to think about the present, but being in nature can give you that sense of clarity that you’ve desperately longed for. 

With the colorful leaves starting to fall, you can be met with an immense amount of inspiration as well as a breath of deep, crisp air. 



One of the things that I’ve been doing to draw inward is visualization. You can harness this tool any time for anything you need, but one of the exercises hat has helped me the most is from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

I originally caught onto it because of one of my favorite YouTubers, Lavendaire, and it is the five imaginary lives practice. You visualize what your dream life would be like, but you can have multiple lives, so you could change careers or take your imagination down a totally different path. 

The reason I mention this is because you have to draw inward and listen to your true desires and passions to cultivate your dream life. This can tell you a lot about yourself, what your purpose is, and how you really want to live. You may even decide to incorporate some of these elements into your life to start living in a way that is more enjoyable to you. 

Well, those are five of my best tips for introspection during this chilly season. I hope you stay warm and cozy! Have an amazing day!