Dealing with Change with Peace & Joy-How to Be Calm Amidst Life's Transitions

It's been said that change is the only constant in life.

While that may be true, so many of us, myself included, still have a hard time accepting it.

After having gone through a period of change myself and whilst still being in the middle of it, I wanted to share my tips for making it through a period of transition without losing your cookies.

So today I'll be sharing my own experiences with change and what I've done to help myself through this transition.

I talked about this on the podcast recently and I wanted to elaborate a bit on the different techniques I talked about here in this post.

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The Winds of Change

I recently went through a period of change and still am, as I am growing personally, preparing for college and other shenanigans, and it definitely threw me off balance.

That's why you didn't get a post last week, because it just wasn't flowing and I couldn't talk about living joyfully while I was living in this stressed out vibe for most of the week last week.

So, I'm thankful to be back and I am glad to say I have officially moved out of that realm to a place that has a lot more light and whole lot less stress.

Most of the stress last week was just figuring out college plans and living in the future way more than I needed to, but a good portion of it was also me being kinda hard on myself for where I am in my personal growth journey.

I share way more about this on the podcast, but here I just wanted to share a few things I did to help me get back to center and how you can too if you're experiencing change as well.

Get Grounded & Get Present

If you're spinning round and round an issue or ruminating on the future, you are not doing yourself any good.

It took me a few days to realize that my frenzy wasn't serving me and that I had to STOP, slow down and really take a breath.

Once I did that, checked in with myself and my intuition in the present moment, I got total clarity and returned to center within seconds.

I had to recognize I was spiraling and just disengage and that is the thing that made all the difference.

Everything felt so chaotic around me, that I forgot to get grounded in myself and I got swept up in the waves.

If you're looking to prevent this or if you're caught up in this yourself, here are a few things you can do to get grounded:

  • Get/Maintain daily routines. Ground yourself in the familiar presence of yourself, let your inner world be your home and the exteriors will begin to matter less and less.
  • Check in with your intuition
  • Get your focus grounded in the present moment. Sometimes it helps me to narrate my day to really get my mind to focus in on now and now and now, one moment to the next.
  • Meditate, check in with your guides or God or the Universe and let them do the heavy lifting.
  • Take a step back from whatever it is you're spiraling about and focus on absolutely anything else.
  • Take a nap, because that's where thinking subsides and you'll probably wake up feeling more clear than when you fell asleep.


Trust that the Universe has your back.

Trust that you are able to handle whatever comes your way.

Because you are.

This is something I'm still learning to remember, but just know that there are things that are out of your control.

You can only do what you can, and if you're worrying about something, chances are you've already done everything you can about it.

So now comes the release, now comes the letting go and trusting.

Because losing sleep isn't going to help you and doesn't change the fact that some elements of life are out of your control.

I know how hard it can be to let go, I'm still learning, but just remind yourself that good is coming your way.

You've done your best.

All you can do sometimes is let go, so release it, don't lose sleep over it, it's okay for you to not think about it twenty four seven and it's okay for you to rest.

Practice balance and know that everything will be okay, I promise.

Practice Non-Attachment

I know that when life feels chaotic, it's so tempting to get caught up in all the waves.

But you are not the waves, you're the entire ocean.

It's time to remember that and let go of attachment to one current, instead choosing to remember that you are the entire ocean.

What I mean by that is that you are here, on this Earth, having your experience and sometimes it will look perfect, but other times it will still be in progress, it will still be loading.

It doesn't mean there isn't good coming to you, but don't get so attached to screen looking perfect right away.

It will fall into place, allow it to unfold as it may and enjoy life right now, in front of you.

Life is happening now, and you deserve to live it.

Don't get so attached to the outcome or the future that you miss the beauty of the now, the beauty of the unfolding as we speak.


You're Exactly Where You Need To Be

The place where you are now is not an accident.

It has something to teach you and it's here to help you grow.

It can be such a blessing, even if it doesn't feel like it at first.

I know change can feel chaotic.

Believe me, I definitely felt it last week and got caught up in it.

But this time is only a segway to all the goodness coming your way.

It may look chaotic now, but I promise you everything will come into place exactly as it needs to be.

It will be better than you imagined and you will grow along with it.

It will be okay, you will be okay and this time won't last forever.

But it's here for a reason, and I personally like to believe that it's just another reminder of all the beauty coming your way.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

This was kind of a riff off of the podcast, so definitely go listen to that episode here and I know that this was a shorter post than usual, but I hope these tips were helpful.

I know times of transition can be tough, especially when you feel like you want to be somewhere and you aren't there yet, but I promise you that you are right where you need to be and that you are going to get through this.

You never know, sometimes the place you get to is even better than where you were before.

Hope you have a beautiful day lovely and if you want more posts just like this one, click here to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

Thanks for joining me!