The Call of The Goddess (Aka The Divine Feminine At Work)

I don’t really know how I stumbled into the Divine Feminine, but I like to think that she’s the one who found me.

As I’ve been exploring the She nature of the Universe and all things Feminine, I’ve come to realize the importance of femininity in an era where she’s sometimes missing in action, as well as the importance of Her rising.


Rise Sister Rise

If you’ve read Rebecca Campbell’s book Rise Sister Rise, then you’ll get this reference.

If not, then you are in for a treat because that is basically what this entire post is about. Not the book, but the fact that the Divine Feminine is rising and She is a powerful wake up call for our society in this leading-edge era.

We’ve been taught for so long to hustle our ways to the top, work our asses off trying to make the perfect life and yet at the same time we seem to lack true joy amidst all of it.

We’ve come to realize as a culture that things don’t actually make us happy, but what we haven’t quite realized yet is that the hustle doesn’t make us happy either.

Don’t get me wrong, work is important and service is equally important.

Doing what you came here to do and what makes you happy is basically the best thing in the world, but hustling our asses off until we finally burn out and have a whole life epiphany to get to that place is getting very old very fast.

Like, what if we were taught from the beginning as women to listen to our desires, to honor our femininity and to step into our power as WOMEN, not as women trying to be more masculine to fit in?

Did you know that most women feel like they have to show less emotion in order to get a promotion or a raise? That they have to hide a natural part of who they are to succeed in this world? Are you one of those women?

We are constantly told that in order to succeed in a “man’s world” we have to conform to their standards, but dear Sister, what if I told you that to succeed in a man’s world, it’s time to turn up the volume on compassion, turn up the volume on nurture and start listening to the desires that are within your heart?

The only way to succeed in a “man’s world” is to create a new world, one where women are respected just as much as men and emotions aren’t treated like second class citizens, one where we don’t conform to what other people think of us in order to be loved, because darling, true love is when someone sees you for all that you are and loves you.


There is no ‘in spite of’ or ‘anyway’, because all parts of you belong.

As women we’ve been taught to hide ourselves, to stop listening to the parts of ourselves that are yearning for attention and for what?

In order to be loved and accepted and validated by society.

But guess what?

If you need to hide who you are to be loved, you aren’t actually being loved.

You’re just trying to fit into an outdated box of what someone else thinks you should be.

The person who says you have to conform is also the person who is projecting their own lack of self-love onto you, because they can’t accept or reconcile all the parts of themselves with who they are.

They can’t piece themselves together and say, “I love you, and I love you just as you are right here, right now.”

It is time for us to rise as women, as the feminine wells of wisdom and goddesses and creatresses that we are.

It’s time for us to own all of who we are without shame, instead to rise with Love.

Love for all that we are.

Love for others and all that they are, even if they are projecting their own brokenness onto us.

Love for Mother Earth, all that She provides for us and all that She has to teach us.

It’s okay to be feminine.

It’s not ‘too girly’ or ‘too much’.

Anybody who says you’re too much for them hasn’t found the space within themselves to be able to hold all of who they are yet.

They don’t have space for you because they don’t have space for themselves.

It’s also okay to be masculine as a woman, just know that it’s a healthy balance of both.

The Feminine is on the rise because we’ve been imbalanced for so long. We’ve lived in this imbalanced, incoherent energy because we haven’t realized the importance of learning to soften, to nurture ourselves and to allow ourselves to heal.

This uprising cannot be stopped, because humanity has been crying out for it to come for so long.

We need a space to nurse our wounds, and this is it.

We need a space to feel safe again within our own skin, to own all of the different parts of ourselves and honor all that we desire.

We need a space to affirm who we are, that we are in fact good and holy and sacred as women.

We are Divine, expressions of love that can allow ourselves the space to unfold how we need to, we’ve just been operating under the illusion that we cannot.

The illusion of separation from ourselves and from the world, especially from Mother Earth.

Wholeness is within you.

Your truth is within you.

Worthiness is within you.

It is all there.

It has never left you, you just forgot about it.

Someone taught you to look outside of yourself for love and validation and acceptance, when all along it was hiding right here inside in plain sight.

It is for you to discover if you are willing to uncover it, and you get to decide exactly when and exactly how you want to embark on this journey.

You get to come home in whatever way you choose.

Just know that open arms are always waiting for you at the door.