Every Part of You Belongs

Hello friends!

Today I’m sharing a little manifesto for you about belonging, sacred self-love and your innate enough-ness that rests inside every cell of your being.

I’ll be back soon with another longer post, but for now I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.


Every part of you belongs. 

Every part of you is beautiful.

It is holy.

It is good.

Whenever you’ve felt like you don’t belong, whenever you’ve felt like you had to be ashamed of who you are, you still belonged.

You were just living in the illusion of separation from yourself. 

The illusion that you were not already




Worthy of all things good and beautiful. 

All you need is already within you. 

What you seek is seeking you. 

But healing can only start from within. 

So stop looking at everyone else for validation. 

Stop looking for love in someone else when what you really want is love from yourself. 

You are already whole, you do not need anything or anyone else to complete you. 

You are already enough, you do not need anything or anyone to validate you because it is who you are. 

You are already, forever and always, loved more than you will know. 

The only thing you’ve been waiting for is yourself. 

So why not give yourself everything you’ve been wishing for? 

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