How to Prepare For A New Season

Fall is upon us! It is mid-August, which means that not only is it time for kids to go back to school, but it can also feel like a clean slate, a new year if you will. I think it's important to go into the new year with intention and purpose, and excitement for the growth and change that is ahead. Here are some ways that I am preparing for this next season:

Set an Intention

To be intentional about this new year, you should first set an intention. What do you want out of this year? How will you change and grow throughout this new season? Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Chances are you can't predict where you will be a year from now, and that's great! It means that you're open to the growth that you'll experience ahead. But envisioning that, dreaming about what this next year will hold, is always good. Even if you can't visualize yourself a year from now, think about one thing you would like to accomplish or become as a person and choose a word or a phrase that embodies that.

For me, I really want this to be my best year yet. I want to grow and step out of fear and into peace. I want to show up for myself, and step into who I truly am. So, I chose a mantra that I heard from Ingrid Nilsen and that I loved, which is, "I'm giving myself my best chance." Her story behind that is so beautiful, so I invite you to check out the link in the last sentence to check that out.


Something that I've always loved about visualization is the power of it. Envisioning yourself succeeding, no matter what it is, I believe actually does encourage your brain and body to help you succeed. There have been numerous studies on visualization linking it to better performance, which is why I think it is so vital to prepare for a new season.

You may not know what challenges will come your way or what this year holds for you, but you can visualize your day tomorrow, right? You probably know most of what will happen. So utilize that, and spend as little as two minutes before you go to bed or when you wake up visualizing your day going amazing.

If it doesn't go amazing, at least you tried it, right? It can't hurt, and often times helps you to have a better day.

Forget The Past & Honor the Future

I have a hard time approaching school with new eyes. I view it as a stressor, granted a good one, but still stressful. I also view it as somewhat challenging since I deal with chronic pain and anxiety and I sometimes struggle to stay in school.

But this year, all of that is about to change. Yes, school can be stressful. But it's also the place where I get to hang out with friends, where some of my favorite teachers are, and where I get to experience something new every day. See how simple it is to change your perspective?

Again, I do deal with chronic pain, but that doesn't mean that I'm not strong and that doesn't mean that I shouldn't keep trying new methods to help myself. It also doesn't mean that it's always going to be like this forever, or that there aren't way more good days than sick days.

Take the time this fall to approach your life with new perspective, your challenges with new eyes, and do the work you need to do to approach things differently.

I hope these tips helped you to get excited for fall as well as encourage growth in your own life. Share down below if you have any tips for preparing for fall or if you want to share your intention for this new season. I love hearing from you! I hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful start to autumn!

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