Expand Your Capacity For Joy and Feel Good In Life

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Happiness is a concept that seems abstract to some, out of reach.

But what if I told you that you could be happy all the time, or at least 90% more than you are currently? 

The truth is, we can feel good so often, we just don’t realize it. 

I know it might sound crazy, and you’re probably reading this and thinking, how does she do it then?

I mean, let’s say I can be happy 90% more than I am currently, how is that possible, and if it is where do I start? 

Well gorgeous, today I’ll be sharing how I’m upleveling my life and expanding my capacity for joy, as well as my results so far.

Ready for more joy? Scroll below to find out exactly how you can feel happier right here, right now. 


Take Responsibility For Your Joy

If I told you how much capacity you had for feeling good, how much you were wired for happiness, you might not believe me. 

If you truly look at life with an open mind, you see how much you are the only one in charge of how you feel and how your life plays out. 

Many times we will lie to ourselves and say, “Oh, well I’m upset because she said this,”  and “He did this so I have a right to be angry.”

But what we’re really saying often times is, “I have a right to feel this bad.” 

Do you realize how crazy that is?

Now, negative emotions are always helpful and provide us with a learning experience each time we experience them.

But I’m talking about when you intentionally blame someone or something for your bad mood. 

It doesn’t always mean that it’s not normal to react that way, but it does mean you’re giving away your power.

Your power is your ability, at every moment, even the seemingly impossible ones, to choose your own happiness. 

If you’re stuck in traffic, it doesn’t mean you have to give away your power to the cars blocked up in front of you. 

Look around you and see what a blessing it is to have time with yourself or the people you love inside the car. 

You can appreciate the view of the trees, the ability to people watch (maybe that’s just me 😂), or the ability to sit back and listen to an audiobook on your way to work. 

Also, what about your ability to drive or even own a car in this world? That’s awesome, is it not?  

My point is, you have so much in your life that has capacity for joy, where you don’t have to let the circumstances define your experience of life. 

You get to do that. 

And since you are the one blessed to live in this body, with the full ability to choose a different thought, you have full responsibility for your reaction to your circumstances and whether or not you’ll choose joy. 

So every day, since each day is a new day and every moment is a new moment, you get a new opportunity to choose joy. (For more on starting your day with more ease and joy, click here)

If you truly want more happiness, be conscious of your thoughts and choose joy each day for yourself.  

Be willing to see the good, and the good will come to you more often, as you have the open eyes to see it. 


Do What Feels Good

There’s this lie we tell ourselves that we can’t possibly feel good all the time. 

It just isn’t possible, right? 

Well, the thing with that belief is that it’s limiting.

It’s grounded in the real world, sure, but it keeps you stuck in this perpetual cycle of limiting your happiness, all in the name of being ‘realistic’.

Maybe you think this is too much of an idealistic approach, but I’d personally like to see how much of my life can be spent feeling good. 

If I truly believe I have potential for happiness at every moment, I’m not going to be as willing to let myself slip into negative thought patterns. 

I’m going to take charge and think about how I can constantly be in a place of alignment, a place of feeling good deep in my bones.

Instead of operating out of a fear mindset, thinking I have to resist my circumstances being outside of what I envisioned and feeling bad when they go outside of my expectations, I might just embrace the flow of life. 

I know, it sounds crazy even as I’m writing this, but it’s an experiment worth trying if it makes me more happy, at least part of the time if not the majority. 

Which brings me to another lie we tell ourselves, which is that if we did what felt good all the time, something would go wrong in our lives or the world would spin it’s top. 

The secret to dismantling this is realizing what alignment actually means.

It means what feels good to you, yes, but it is also in alignment with your higher self, your inner being as Esther Hicks calls it.

It isn’t selfish to do what feels good to you, it means you’re living from a place of joy and lightheartedness. 

The more you do the things that bring you true joy, and the things that don’t bring you joy through the mindset of alignment and love, you start to see the world differently.

Life is suddenly so much more fun than you can imagine and it flows with such grace.

Joy comes easily to you because you’ve prioritized feeling good and from that have taken meaningful action in your life. 

The secret is to get in alignment before doing something you may not always find joy in, which doesn’t always mean you feel bad doing it but that it just doesn’t light your soul on fire, it doesn’t have as much excitement as you’d like. 

Doing this in the morning before you go to work and grounding yourself in this alignment can transform a normal work day into one full of joy. 

When you start experimenting with the belief that you can be happy all the time, and just taking little steps with it like choosing a more positive thought or investing more time in something you love, you’ll start seeing your days are much more colorful than before. 

Choosing joy and then walking into something that normally has a neutral place in your life can transform it, as you start seeing the beauty within it instead of the negatives. 



The real magic of this practice comes when you expand your capacity for joy, and this happens most powerfully through transmutation.

First, let me just tell you my experience with the above practices of choosing my joy consciously every day and doing what feels good, as well as how I’ve seen my joy expand over this past month.

For the month of May, I decided to dive deep into the learning how to feel good more of the time. 

I was about to launch the sisterhood, and I wanted to invest in my own mindset not only to be my best when serving the girls inside the sisterhood, but also because I wanted to stop engaging in negative patterns of thought, which I’d become more keenly aware of in April.

As I started to take responsibility for my happiness and choose it every day in every way that I could, I started to see my joy expand just that much more every day.

I would be happier and just feel so good without even trying because I was in flow, and I chose to wake up with joy being my priority each morning.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks, and I had one of my happiest, most aligned days this past Sunday despite being in physical pain.

I was doing things that felt good, reading, listening to podcasts and just relaxing with my dad and some of our neighbors.

It was so so nice, because I chose to feel joy the majority of the day and I got to this place of allowing myself to feel that joy. 

See, once you remove effort from the equation, in terms of trying and trying and trying to make yourself feel happy, once you remove the force, you start to just flow in the present.  

Sunday was one of those slow, enjoyable days to do so, and I’ve been having success with these principles this week as well. 

This is also thanks to transmutation, or put simply, transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. 

This comes to me in the beginning stages after weeks of practice, after seeing little expansion the first week I applied these principles, then suddenly an explosion as I grew committed to them. 

Transmutation is simply having developed such a capacity for positivity that you can see the good even in something negative, while you are experiencing it (not in hindsight, as that tends to be more balanced anyhow).

This means that when Rick doesn’t submit the report on time or someone cuts you off, things that just a few weeks ago would send you down a negative spiral, you have a more positive thought and it doesn’t throw you off.

This is because your capacity for joy has expanded and you are able to let it go because you take responsibility for your part in your happiness.

This is a huge shift that you can make in your own life just by choosing joy and doing what feels good over and over again each day. 

Get in alignment and your whole life shifts into a more positive way of being. 

This is a lifestyle and it certainly doesn’t come easily to us being that our culture breeds beliefs that often hold us back, but if you choose joy you can let go of these beliefs and take hold of the things that you want more of in life.  

Even if you're skeptical about happiness, at least give yourself a shot.

Honestly, the worst thing that can happen is you find more things that bring you joy and start loving your mornings, which isn’t too bad of a side effect if I do say so myself.

The best thing that can happen is you start experiencing more joy and happiness as you walk through life, and wouldn’t that be wonderful? 


I know this is a long post, so I’ll end it here. 

I suppose this was a major brain dump, but these are all my strategies for having more joy in life, and that’s something I want for everyone!

I hope you have a beautiful day lovely and because you stayed this long (thanks girl!), I want to give you a gift.  

It’s a free workbook you can use to transform your mindset and let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you. If you feel like this speaks to you, click here to check it out. 

Have a beautiful day, lovely! May it be filled with so much joy!



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