Feel Into Your Abundance-Getting Into the Abundance Mindset & How It Can Change Everything

You are abundant.

All around you, there are thousands upon thousands of signs supporting your growth, success, and alignment.

By tuning into these signs and learning to appreciate your now, you invite in more joy, success and abundance into your life.

In truth, we are all so much more abundant than we know and today I want to share how to get into the abundance mindset and what it can do for you to get you closer to joy in your life.


Abundance Vs Scarcity Mindset

For anything you want in your life, there are two perspectives that you can hold in relationship to it.

Scarcity mindset comes from a place of fear. It assumes there is not enough happiness, money or success to go around, and so it comes from a place of lack.

This mindset can block the flow of abundance by looking at all the things that are going wrong in your life and trying to control the outcome, leaving you in a state of worry and neurosis, going against the flow of life. 

Abundance mindset comes from a place of love. It knows that there's more than enough joy, money and success to go around, and it comes from a place of deep trust in a higher power or the flow of life.

This mindset sets you up for success because it teaches you to look for all the good in life, therefore inviting in more.

It comes from a place of appreciation for what is, and simultaneously invites in more joy in the process.

The difference between the two mindsets is love.

One comes from a place of fear, trying to control and resist the current of life, whereas the other flows with it, trusting that there's something or someone who's got your back.

Making this distinction, you can see that the scarcity mindset is simply another manifestation of the ego in our lives, and that once one learns to let go and surrender, appreciating the now instead of living somewhere other than the present, they will begin to experience true joy in life.


Flowing Into the Abundance Mindset

I like to think of the mind as having two separate voices, the ego and the intuition.

Getting into the abundance mindset is all about listening to your intuition and appreciating what is, seeing the beauty of the now rather than focusing on your problems.

Last week, I talked about the benefits of appreciation and how we can utilise it to add more joy to our lives.

Appreciation is a core principle of the abundance mindset, because in order to actually tune ourselves to abundance, we have to learn how to see it all around us.

By noticing all of the beauty that already exists in our lives, we are teaching our minds to become attune to the abundance that already exists in our lives, thereby inviting in more.

This is a big part of connecting to ourselves, our intuition and leads us to feel into our abundance.

If you take a second to look around you at all that you have, how the sun rises everyday and the world keeps spinning, you start to realize that you are already abundant.

You're able to wake up everyday, breathe in fresh air, listen to music, meet new people, talk to your loved ones, connect with people on social media and so much more.

You have so much.

Now focus on what it feels like to have so much.

Let this feeling, this appreciation, this warmth envelop you.

Watch it expand as you shift your focus to all the goodness in life.

Notice how your body feels amidst all of this, the thoughts that come to mind and the memories that surface.

That was a massive shift from just a few seconds ago, wasn't it?

So this is the key to getting into the abundance mindset: tune yourself to the vibration of abundance, the feeling, and you will invite more in.

You have to feel it first, notice it in your now and carry that with you throughout your day.

Because that scarcity mindset, it isn't going to serve you.

All it does is perpetuate a cycle of negativity, and that certainly won't help you have more joy in life.

Tune yourself to abundance and you will begin to see a massive shift in your life from fear to love, scarcity to abundance, anxiety to peace.


Why It Can Change Everything

You might be wondering how the abundance mindset can cause shifts in your life or if it's just magical thinking.

But it's not just a bunch of positive thinking, it's actually science and it is proven to make you feel happier.

Remember all of those articles you saw just a few years ago on the benefits of gratitude?

Well, this is basically the same thing, except it isn't just saying things that we think we should be grateful for, it's feeling that appreciation for them and letting that raise our vibrations along with it.

When we take the time to feel into that from an authentic place, we begin to shift.

Our emotions play a bigger role in our lives than we think, and we can utilise them to invite more joy into our lives.

When you feel something, you embody it, and by embodying it you shift into the version of yourself that has whatever you are feeling.

So if you are feeling fear, you are shifting into that fearful, controlling part of you that doesn't trust the current of life. You make decisions based on that fear, and that leads to more fear manifesting in your life.

On the other hand, if you feel appreciation, you are shifting into the version of you who already has what she wants in life and trusts that the best is yet to come. You make decisions from a place of peace because you are in alignment with the flow of life, you are in alignment with love, and from this place of peace you manifest more because you are grounded in love and what you focus on expands.

This technique is called quantum shifting.

It utilises the emotions to call in more of what you want in life and shift you on an identity level into the person you want to become by shifting you into the person who already has the thing that you desire.

For example, if you wanted to be more consistent with your workouts, you could shift into the feeling of working out every day.

You could imagine how it would feel afterward, maybe it's a sense of accomplishment or a high vibration because of the endorphins, and feel that now.

Then continue to feel that throughout your days, weeks and months, and take action thinking like that person who already works out every day.

Keep that up, and soon you'll notice that you just are that person who works out every day.

It's as simple as that and it works the same way with abundance mindset.

Feel into your abundance, become that person who is appreciating the now and shift into your inner abundant babe.

You become the person who is open to receiving abundance from the Universe, you become the person who has so much appreciation in your life you can't remember the last time you thought about your problems, and you become that person who has more joy than you ever thought possible.

Thank you for joining me today, lovely!

I hope that this post helped you to tune into your inner abundant babe!

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Have a beautiful day, gorgeous and don't forget how abundant you are!