Discover Your Inner Oasis Through Meditation

Meditation. You’ve all heard of it by now (in case you haven’t, here’s a post for you!). People have been talking about the benefits of meditation for literally centuries. But today’s post isn’t your generic meditation post, today I’m going to show you how to instantly relax, through this simple everyday practice. 


What is it? 

Finding you center is all about visualization. This technique is really simple: imagine the most peaceful place possible. It works because your brain cannot distinguish between real and imaginary. The same nerves fire in both instances, which is why this technique can cause your body to instantly relax.  

It harnesses the power of memory, emotion, and imagination. It is simple, yet very effective.


How Often Should I Do This?

For maximum results, I recommend practicing this technique at least once a day. That way it can sink into your subconscious mind, causing you to feel more calm, even when you aren’t practicing it. 

But if you aren’t a creature of habit, this can be a wonderful tool for those times when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The more you practice, the more that you build those numeral pathways so that with the mere thought of your peaceful place, your body instantly relaxes.



A few ideas to upgrade your practice:

  • Add breath work to this practice-try 4-7-8 breathing with this guide
  • Add a mantra like, “I am Peace.” or “I am Love.” to help you connect back to that emotion of peace
  • Create a life giving routine to go with this ritual, like practicing in the morning so that you can feel calm throughout the day

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it serves you! If you want to share your place of peace, feel free to in the comments, but I totally understand if you want to keep it private. 

Thanks for joining me, and have a great Tuesday!