For The Mystics


What is spirituality?

Is there really one definition?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself recently and I’ve realized that I’ve become somewhat of a Mystic, exploring new ideas and wading into the woo-woo waters on my own volition, just for fun and variety.

It feels fantastic to say this, not because I have just figured it out by some epiphany, but because I already knew it, I was just hiding it from you for a little while.

The past year has been a whirlwind of questions, deconstruction, and so much more as I’ve been exploring what my faith means to me.

At the same time that it is a relief to be saying this right now, it is also a bit terrifying.

The reason I’ve been putting this off is because I was afraid you would judge me.


I mean, let’s be honest, I’m already a bit out there.

You mean you are responsible for your own joy?

You mean that life is more than just what happens to you, that it is actually happening for you and your growth?

I get it.

It’s a little out there and it’s certainly not mainstream wisdom.

But this is a bit different, these are things I’m still exploring and sometimes things that are totally, wildly woo-woo in a way that I’ve never quite written here on the blog.

I feel kind of like Jess Lively in her podcast episode The Things I’m Afraid to Tell You.

If you’ve ever listened to that, then you know exactly what I mean.

This is the first time I’ve had an emotional response to writing a blog post and the first time I’ve ever really been afraid to hit publish.

This is bearing a part of my soul that not everyone knows about, primarily because I’ve been going through my own shifts and transformations the past year and it’s been very internal.

I didn’t want to share it yet because I didn’t know how people would respond and I didn’t really know myself enough to know what I believed and what I wanted, all I knew was that I needed a safe place to decompress, to ask these questions and find my own answers to them.

About a month ago, I created a new business, a side-hustle if you will, all about different walks of life and beliefs.

What I realized was that I wanted to make a community that could be loving and safe for everyone, no matter their race, gender, religion or anything else in order for them to navigate life together.

But what I also realized upon starting it was that I wasn’t living aligned with my truth.

I was afraid to speak my truth because I didn’t want to rile anybody up, I didn’t want to shake the foundations, but I now realize that it is no longer serving me to do that.

I started that other business not because I wanted to make that community, in all honesty I started that business because I wanted a safe place for my own soul to be naked.

And as time went on I also came to the conclusion that this was my place.

This is my place to bear my soul, to write my ideas and to share a part of myself with you, and if I’m not doing that in a way that is honoring me and who I am, how can I possibly make space for you and all you are?


So today I wanted to set the record straight in saying that I am a Mystic.

I am out there.

I am not your normal girl and I do not have your normal spirituality.

I believe in the Universe, I believe in a higher power that loves all creation and I believe in an intimate connection with myself and the Divine.

I also believe that I am divine.

I am holy, I am sacred and I wasn’t born here by accident.

I believe I chose this life for a reason, to grow and expand in ways I never could have imagined and I believe this life wasn’t my first either.

I use crystals.

In the mornings, I listen to Gregorian monks chanting beautiful prayers on YouTube.

I’m proud to be a woman at this time because I believe in the Divine Feminine and Her purpose to bring us back to a place of balance, softness, healing and playfulness that is so so needed in today’s culture.

Most of all, I believe in Love.

I believe in the universal nature and power of Love on this planet, particularly in this time, and I believe that one of the most powerful things we can do as a culture is learn to Love.

Love all of ourselves, even the parts we have trouble piecing back together.

Love others, even those who have hurt or wounded us.

Love Mother Earth and give her all she needs to be able to thrive.

One of my core values throughout my journey here has been to be true to myself and who I am, to let go of what is no longer serving me and step into that which I feel called to.

This is something I felt called to because it is something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time.

You may not agree with my beliefs or identify with them, but that’s the real magic of all of this.

You are who you are.

I am who I am.

We may be different and we may resonate with different things, but this blog is a safe space for both of us.

Over the coming weeks and months, I want to dive deep into the woo-woo for those of you who are exploring things along with me that are less mainstream, and I also want to give space for those who are questioning themselves and their long-held beliefs.

I know some of you may not resonate with this and that’s okay.

You are completely allowed to feel that way and this is a space for you too.

I will still be doing posts on happiness and joyful living, along with launching a whole course on that later this month.

But I’ll also be diving into different ways of looking at the world, not from one perspective but from many.

It will be an open space for your questions, opinions and comments and I’m excited to finally open this space up for you here on the blog.

But this space had to start somewhere and today it has started with me.

If I am not open and sharing all that I am and all that I am exploring, then I cannot possibly make space for you and all you are becoming.

So whether you’re a Mystic like me or you feel so at home in your current spiritual path, religious or not, I’d like to invite you into this space with so much love for wherever you are in life.

I hope that you enjoyed this little heart-share of mine today and I hope that some of you may have resonated with it and even if not, I hope that it gave you the space to invite your own questions into your experience to look at.

Thank you for allowing me space to share this with you today.

I send you so much love, peace and light. Have a great day, beautiful!

PS-For those of you interested in a spiritual book club, where we’ll be reading all sorts of different types of material, click here to follow me on Instagram where it will all be going on in IGTV. Each month we’ll be reading a new book and I’ll be having a conversation with you about it both on stories and on IGTV, it’s open to anyone and everyone, so I hope that if this resonates with you, you’ll come and join us!