Letting Go of The Ego and Getting Into The Now

Recently, I've found that my ego is piping up, future-tripping and just getting distracted in general.

It is not uncommon for this to happen, after all it is the ego, that's kind of its job, to try and keep you safe, but it often isn't as good at it as it would like to be.

Today we're talking about present-moment living, a phenomena I've been getting into recently.

It's served me so well to get grounded in the Now, and the truth is I am still in the progress of doing that.

Releasing the need for perfection is part of getting into the present moment and enjoying it, no matter whether it's perfect or not, and that's been a part of my journey with present-moment living.

I thought for so long that I needed to be somewhere else, that I should be here now or there, wherever any of those actually are, instead of accepting where I am with joy and appreciation.

Life's too short for us to should on ourselves, girls. 

Being present in the Now will change your life, I know this because it is presently changing mine and it has been a blessing.

A few weeks ago, the book The Power of Now fell into my lap in a bookstore and I felt the intuitive nudge to go for it.

It has since been the most beautiful read, and I'm taking it slow as Eckhart is so profound and I just want to slowly enjoy his words.

So I wanted to jump into this topic today, start a little chat about the ego vs the intuition and talk about what I've done to get into the Now.


The Ego Vs. The Intuition

As I said before, the ego loves to keep us safe.

It's learned from life's wounds that keeping us safe is its most important job, and bless the ego, it tries to do it the best way it knows how.

Sometimes this looks like self-sabotage. Other times it might look like getting you sick to miss a meeting you didn't want to go to. Still, other times it might just look like good ol' fear.

The ego is a very prominent, loud voice in our minds.

Of all the voices you could possibly hear, the ego is loudest when it is afraid or feels threatened and it will tell you straight out if it doesn't think you should do something.

You know those nagging thoughts? Those thoughts that tug at you from your deepest insecurities, saying, "No! Don't go there! Don't trust her! You will surely not make it out without a scratch!"

It's the same voice that hates vulnerability, because it means you are exposed to something that could harm you.

It is almost like a mother, although it doesn't have her wisdom.

All it has is past experiences, future projections of pain, and a need to feel heard in the most important of decisions and circumstances.

But it lacks trust in a higher power and it only has the past to go off of, holding on strongly to its wounds.

Its judgement is faulty.

This is where another voice, a serene and small still voice comes in.

This voice is your intuition.

It speaks to you in various ways, for some through the gut, others through the heart, but it always seems to feel out the right way to go.

It always leads you closer to yourself, closer to the place that actually is good for you to go, even if it means it looks dangerous to the ego, because it trusts that you can always come back home and it knows that you will always be okay.

These voices are distinctly different, but for many only the ego appears to be existent inside their minds.

You know those TV shows where people are always reacting to one another, jumping out of their chairs to put someone in a chokehold? Yes, it is a bit extreme. But this is basically a visual manifestation of the ego.

You can see why it reacts, to be right or to keep you safe, or even to keep you safe by being right.

But it isn't really contributing much to you or to the world, it's only furthering the chaos it feels within itself.

This is the paradox of the ego: it tries so hard, too hard, to keep you safe but never quite manages to keep you anywhere but where is most comfortable to it, which may not actually be what you need.

The intuition on the other hand, it trusts, it has a knowing it follows home.

It's adventurous, because it knows you came here for a reason.

To laugh, to cry, but most of all to grow and experience.

The experience of life, of life right here right now, drive it to propel you forward.

That aching you have for more?

That certainly is not found inside your comfort zone and it is not found in the ego.

It's found in the adventurous spirit of the intuition, the knowing and the trusting in all that is bringing you home, deeper and deeper into yourself and who you truly want to be, who you already deeply and truly are.

It's present-moment feeling out what is best for you, and it knows your deepest desires, it wants to help you make those a reality through flowing into what is best for you Now and Now and Now.

It doesn't look to the future or past for validation, it simply follows the Now, and the gift of it is that it lives within you at every moment like a counsel.

It can tell you where you need to go, give you hope and clarity, and teach you how to make your home within.

So how does all of this relate to living in the Now?


Getting Into The Now-Practices For Present-Moment Living

Getting into the Now, as you've probably realized, is about getting in touch with yourself.

It is about allowing yourself to permeate this moment, not living in the past or the future, just living in the Now.

If you try it, you'll realize just how hard it can be.

You'll feel yourself slipping without even realizing it and it truly is a cultivated practice, nothing to get frustrated about but rather something to grow into.

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite practices for present-moment living below to give you a framework for starting to release the ego and live in the Now: 


Sometimes quieting the mind is less about quieting your thoughts and more about quieting your body.

Perhaps you run around hours on end everyday, stuck in a certain headspace that is no longer serving you.

Taking a few minutes to be still is one of the fastest ways to quiet the mind.

It sees that the body is still and responds by releasing into the present moment.

This may happen slowly, but over time, as you practice stillness more and more, just watching life happen around you and being still within it, you begin to experience peace.

This is how you know you've let go of the ego.

Any impulses that come out of this are from the intuition, and they will lead you in the right direction.

Just remember that if they feel right, they usually are.



Confession: This is something I am still working on.

I realized recently with a bout of ego-driven disconnectedness that I needed an anchor.

I needed something to ground me in the Now.

What better than to do a grounding meditation, or just be in nature and get myself centered in Mother Earth's loveliness?

Yes, I'm a bit of a mystic when it comes to this practice.

But it is lifegiving and kind to myself to get centered before I go out into the hustle and bustle of the world, so that's what I'm doing.

Be as mystic as you like with this practice, whether through nature walks or visualization, it will serve you and center you in the present.


Sometimes, a great work of art moves you so much that you just can't help but sit with it in the Now for a few minutes, admiring its beauty and loveliness.

This is me with a beautiful piece of music.

Pieces I've been loving lately are Ghost Naps by Izzard, Night by Ludovico Einaudi of the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, and Celeste by Ezra Vine.

They just help me fall into the Now with appreciation, which also is a present-moment practice and appreciate the moment, the rays of sunlight coming in on the windowsill, all the beautiful things in life.

They get me really aligned, as do all of these practices, and I hope they do for you too.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you have a gorgeous Saturday, lovely!