Keeping Your Cool In This Political Climate

It’s no stretch to say that 2017 was an especially stressful year, not just because of the busyness of our lives, but also because of the political scandals that occurred throughout the year.

Whichever party you may be on, I know that as a collective nation, we were shaken by the election last year.

So in 2018, I think it’s time we all decided to stop letting politics determine our emotional state. I know that’s a big statement to make, especially when there are issues that shake you to your core. But there are ways to still fight for what’s important to you, without losing your mind.

Here are three strategies to help keep you afloat: 


Take a Break From The News

There’s this pressure to stay informed in our society, especially when you feel like everything is happening so fast and that there’s so much to catch up on.

But honestly, you have to ask yourself if this really aligns with what you want in life. For a moment, imagine your dream life. What does it look like? Does it have anything to do with politics? Unless you aspire to be working in politics, it’s likely that you didn’t even think of them. And if you do want a career in politics, it’s likely that it has little to do with today’s stressful scandals and more to do with serving the people in your community.

The truth is that sometimes we all need a break, and there should be no shame in taking one. It’s healthy and it keeps you sane.  Try having one day a week where you don’t consume any news, just do the things you love.

If you fight for social justice, don’t hesitate to take a break either. Taking a break doesn’t have to be synonymous with giving up your advocacy. In fact, it can help you become a better advocate because you can spend time focusing your efforts on supporting your causes instead of wasting your energy worrying about the scandal of the day. 


Let Your Emotions Out, But Don’t Let Them Control Your Life

Having said that, it’s healthy to be angry. It’s healthy to feel sad or overwhelmed by what is happening in the government. There are scandals that you can’t help but feel personally attached to and outraged by, and there are times when you just feel hopeless about it all. 

Don't suppress those emotions, and don’t be silent about the scandals that matter to you and affect you deeply. Always stand up for what you believe is right, and support other people in the process. But don’t let the scandal get a hold of you, don’t let your outrage become your whole life. Yes, it is important and human to be angry. But you can’t let that control your whole life.

You have to fight for what is right by being the light. Live the life that you want your children to live, and live with love. Be the change and be the love you want to see in the world. Let your emotions out, be honest about your process, but don’t let them control you. Because if you’re filled with anger and hate, you aren’t affecting real change. Get out there, support your people, and be kind. Your protesting for what is right, calling your congressmen and being the light will create the change you want to see in the world.


Connect to Love

The media can make you feel like the world is an unsafe place. Especially with the rising amount of terror attacks and violence, it can feel like everything is falling apart. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from studying history, it’s that this has been happening for centuries, we’ve only started learning about everything going on now. At first, this reflection can make you feel depressed that there really weren’t as many “good days” as we thought there were. But honestly, that reflection also reminds us that while all of this was going on, there were amazing people doing amazing things. There still are amazing people doing amazing things, one of whom being you.

There’s so much good in the world, so much to be thankful for, and so much love that surrounds us. So next time you start moving into fear from a news report or a political scandal, remember all of the love that surrounds you. Be thankful and don’t let yourself fall into a fear mindset. 

I hope that this post serves you! I know it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the world, but if you use these tips I’m confident you’ll feel less stress about This Political climate.

Tell me in the comments how you handle political stress. I’d love to hear your strategies! 

Hope you have a lovely, stress free day! 


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