Pro Tips To End Holiday Overwhelm

So, the holidays are coming up really soon. It seems like the year has gone by so fast, and in that whirlwind it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the Christmas to-dos. 

But don’t worry, cause this girl has got your back. Today I’m giving you five pro tips to ensure a stress-free holiday season. 


Pro Tip #1: Shop Early

I know everyone always says to shop early, but please do this. Everyone says they will shop early and then they don’t because they’re busy or they just don’t have the time.

But this adds more stress for your future self. Let’s take a moment to think about her. She’ll be frazzled and stressed out because the holidays are coming so fast and she still hasn’t shopped for Jerry get the picture.

Now think about the same woman, she’s done all her shopping and is now enjoying a quiet evening at home with a good book next to the fireplace. That might be an ideal for you, but think of all the stress you could avoid by shopping early. Make it really easy for yourself, just start this weekend with someone really simple and work from there.


Pro Tip #2: Meal Plan or Cater

Coming out of Thanksgiving dinner, you may have thrown something together really fast and been stressed out Thanksgiving day. If that’s you, I would highly suggest meal planning.

Don't just plan week of, plan at least two weeks in advance and make a shopping list so you know exactly what to get. You could even go as far as to plan when you will go grocery shopping and which days you will cook. That way, you know what you’re doing and you are able to avoid being frazzled by any last minute stressors.

Another option is to cater. If you feel like cooking is one of the things that increases your stress but still want to host, then consider catering. This takes all of the stress off of you for cooking, but still gives you the opportunity to enjoy hosting.  You also have the opportunity to get in some much needed me-time before people come over, which can help you stay destressed during the day.


Pro Tip #3: Mini-Meditation

If you do choose to cook, or you find that on the holiday itself you tend to get stressed out, take a moment for you. It could be as simple as taking a breath or as intricate as taking time for a ten minute meditation. 

Whatever it is, do it. Here are some suggestions that you may enjoy: 

  • Diffuse Lavender or if you don’t have a diffuser, rub some of the oil on your wrists for aromatherapy  
  • Take a moment, go to a quiet place, and just breathe. Close your eyes. One breathing technique that is proven to relax you is 4-7-8 breathing. It’s a great ritual that can help you maintain your peace throughout the day. Read more about it here.
  • Go for a slow stroll and take in  the landscape. Sometimes it’s really calming to be reminded of the simple things in life, like a beautiful flower. It really gives perspective and allows time for free thought.

Pro Tip  #4: Enjoy Your Food

This tip was one I saw all over Instagram near Thanksgiving, but I think it applies to Christmas as well. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying what you’re eating, and love your food.

Savor every bite, but also be sure that you’re satisfied, because you don’t have to overeat to enjoy your meal. But don’t undereat either, because the holidays aren’t about calorie-counting, they’re about the beauty of life and the treasure of family.


Pro Tip #5: Be Thankful

I know that this is mostly a Thanksgiving tradition, but I think it applies to Christmas as well. The season isn’t just about giving, but also receiving.

Receive the love that lives so freely around you, whether that be with your family or throughout the world. Rather than stressing, focus on the good in your life. Focus on the love in the world and just enjoy basking in it. 


Well, that’s it for today! I hope that this post serves you, I’ll be sending you anti-stress vibes throughout the season.  

Thanks for being here, I’m so thankful for you! Have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you next week!