Let's Be Kids Again

I'm here to tell you about the one thing you're missing from your life, the one thing you've left behind in order to pursue 'realistic' goals and ambitions. You left it behind because you thought you were past that, you thought that you were grown up enough to abandon it.

But I'm here to tell you that a) you're not and b) you are never too old for this. Any guesses?


It's imagination! I know, you thought I was going to say something like video games. Well, I see you Candy-Crushing, and I know you aren't about to lie to me about that...but that's not what we're here to discuss so I'll let that one pass (for now).


Why You Need It

Did what I say above ring true for you? You left it behind to pursue greater things, didn't you? And to be honest, you are probably like most people in the boat that is life.

We are taught as humans to be realistic, to set goals and to be hard on ourselves about achieving them. I think that is important, but if you're anything like me you're a dreamer. You're a dreamer to the point that you annoy the crap out of realists (aka my mother).

I could tell you stories, for sure, about how we've argued over whether the movie was realistic enough or 'that could never happen' scenarios. Maybe you're in the same boat as she is, and that's totally normal. 

But as a person who visualizes almost everything, I can tell you that it adds a certain whimsy to my life. I think about stories, plots, characters, and it helps me to escape from the real world, which I think we all need. I'm not talking unhealthy, 24-hr day kind of escape, but just a short detour. 

It brings back childhood memories, that sense of wonder and an ease of life where you were literally lying on the carpet staring at the ceiling. Those days were care-free, and even though you can't have those days back, you can have some of those old activities and feelings back.


How to Start

I think it's so important to have imagination. If nothing else, it helps you believe in the impossible, and the fact that life is wonderfully beautiful and full of possibilities.

For me, it comes quite easily. I'm a visual person, I've kept visualization and imagination as a part of my life for years now, and I don't intend on letting it go.

But you are likely not like me. Or if you are, you may have tuned out this whole article, so I wish you blessing in your internal world. Anyway, we aren't all visual, and for some people it can be hard to just picture things on a whim.

So, here are some tips that I use when I'm visually blocked (because even I have those days):

Those are just a few ways I keep myself inspired. I think it can be hard when you first start, especially if you're very realistic in your mindset, which is totally okay by the way. Imagine stories that are fit to life, and don't apologize for your style.

But if you do want to imagine something more towards the unrealistic, impossible side, don't be afraid to. Also, don't expect yourself to automatically craft beautiful visuals if you aren't a visual person. It's a hard technique to master, but with practice you'll get there.

I hope this post helped you to remember to awaken to your inner creative child side. I hope you don't think that I'm against realistic views. I'm honestly developing both realistic and unrealistic views both in my imagination and outside of my imagination.

I'm dreaming about the impossible, and finding ways to make that possible. I'm also setting realistic intentions, looking towards the future with a keen perspective and eye. And of course, imagining everything that comes my way.

I hope you have a great day and an awesome rest of your week! Be sure to comment or dm me if you want prompts, inspiration or just have questions. I know this is a little bit of a unique topic to talk about here, so I'd love hear your thoughts about whether you liked it or not, and what you'd like to hear from me next!

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