How to Journal with Your Intuition

These days, it can seem like everyone is disconnected from their intuition. Sometimes it feels like people are aimlessly walking around, stumbling through life without a compass. 

I know for me, life certainly has felt that way before. 

Now, I do believe in god, and this post is not meant to diminish faith or trust in a higher power. But it is meant to connect you to yourself, and foster that deep connection. 

So let’s get right into it: 


What is intuition, anyway? 

We’ve all heard the textbook definition of intuition. People say, “It’s those little nudges you feel in your gut, you know.”  

But what if you don’t feel those nudges? Is anyone with me here? So does that mean you have no intuition? 

Intuition is so much more than feeling, it’s actually a deep connection to self and it is intertwined with a connection to god, in fact. It’s the wisdom deep inside you, it’s what you call upon when you give that beautiful advice to a friend. 

So then the question arises, why can’t I give that same wisdom to myself? 


Connecting to Your Intuition

Your intuition holds so much knowledge for you. It’s your inner compass, it is one of the ways you can connect deeper to self and to god.  

You can often give wisdom to others, but when it comes to yourself, there is so much noise within. That’s how it is for me, at least. There are all these thoughts crumpled together, and it’s hard to distinguish what to do about a particular situation. 

But one way you can instantly connect to that wisdom is through your intuition. There are multiple ways to do this, of which I’m still discovering. Today, I am only showing you one, and that is journaling. 


How to Begin

Approaching the concept of intuition, especially if you’re from a very religious background, may seem daunting, pointless or simply stupid. 

I’ll be honest, when I first sat down to do this I felt skeptical, and my heart was only half in it. But the results I got were amazing, and that’s because of the other half of my heart. 

I was open minded, even being skeptical, and I was willing to try and receive. If you want to get any results with this practice, that is all I ask of you. You may think it’s stupid, and that’s fine, but just be open to receiving what you will, because the experience is so worth it.

Step One: Write an Opening Statement

This is the step where you are going to think that this intuition crap is a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but just stay with me.

When writing to your intuition, and expecting an answer, you first have to create an invitation. This comes in the form of something like: 

“Thank you inner wisdom for writing through me. I invite the loving energy of _______(Spirit, God, Conciousness, The Universe)  to guide me.”

Step Two: Wait and Receive

You may not get an answer right away, but please be patient. In my experience, I’ve come across an audible voice in my head, that ends up telling me exactly what I need to hear, and no, I’m not schizophrenic. 

Now, I’m going to ask you to do something crazy, and that thing is to write out whatever comes into your mind. It could be an image, words, whatever you experience. Write it down.  

Keep writing until you feel like you’ve gotten all you need, you’ve heard everything. My first try I wrote for forty-five minutes straight, no joke. It was some of the best, and most clear time I have ever spent with myself. 


Why do it? 

So, maybe you got to the end of this post, or you scrolled down because you were skeptical (I know how you feel, boo) and you wondered why you should do this. Why take time away from your day or week to do this? 

Well, the only thing that I can truly share is my own experience.  

You may not know it, but I am actually a very loud person. I might be quiet around people, but inside I am bursting with noise. There is always something going on in my head. 

Just about a month ago, I realized that I was deeply disconnected from myself. I had created all of this noise in an attempt to silence what was going on inside of me, and the noise kept getting louder and louder. Everything that was so certain in my life seemed to be falling apart, with a strong emphasis on my spirituality. 

I knew what I needed to do, I needed to connect to myself. I needed a tool so that when I found myself so outside of everything within me, I could instantly check back in and reconnect.  

Although this type of journaling is only one tool I use, it has been very useful in getting me to a quiet place in my mind, a place where the chatter stops. It helps me realize who I really am, connect to god and feel grounded.  

All I can say is, give it a shot. It’s done wonders for me, it has brought me clarity where I needed it most and helped me remember to take care of myself. At this moment in my life, this is the thing that helps me stay grounded, and I hope that it can help you too. 


I hope this post serves you! Tell me your experience with journaling with your intuition below. I’d love to hear from you! Have an amazing day, and see you next week!