The Truth About Karma

 It isn’t about the Universe knocking you in the head for a past sin, what it’s actually about is growing you out of what no longer serves your highest good.


It’s a word we’ve heard thrown around for centuries, often with negative connotation to mean that the bad you do to others will come back to you.

But karma is so much more than that.

It isn’t about punishment, it’s about growth.

Karma is about shifting into the best version of you while simultaneously embracing the cyclical nature of life.


Our Cyclic Nature

I like to think of life as one big cycle.

Nature reflects this perfectly in her seasons of growth and hibernation and we are not much unlike her in our own way of seasonal growth and development.

I like to say that life comes back to life, which can refer to our own reincarnation or even the cyclic nature of life itself.

What I mean by saying this is that every season will eventually return, time and time again, to teach us.

This is karma.

We’ve dumbed it down to mean that what you do unto others will be done unto you, and while this is an important aspect of karma, it is also an experience in and of itself of growth and development if we allow it to be.

It isn’t punishment, it’s actually in support of our evolution as a soul.

As souls, if we have made a mistake in the past and we experience someone else doing something similar to us, this is karma.

It isn’t a slap in the face by the Universe, I believe it’s actually something we asked for.

After all, how can we learn from our mistakes if we do not see all angles of the situation, from being the recipient of something to being the one who commits the act itself?

In order to fully learn and sometimes in order to fully confront ourselves about an issue, I believe that it’s important to empathize with the person who was on the recipient end of things.

This isn’t to say that every time you make a mistake or treat someone badly it will always come back to you, but I believe that sometimes it will in order for you to fully confront it and learn from it, with the intention being to move on from that negative behavior into a better outcome.

This can be related to the law of attraction as well, because the energy you put out will ultimately be brought back to you and your subconscious mind will bring up an issue over and over again, sometimes in intense and very cyclical ways, until you address it because it wants you to heal.

In this way, it isn’t just the Universe that is working to help you resolve an issue, it is also yourself.

Inherently, you want to heal and the brain will consistently bring something up over and over until you do as the brain is a problem-solving machine.

That’s why if you are struggling to resolve a pattern, it is happening over and over again.

Because you have to heal it, otherwise the subconscious will bring it up again and again until you finally stop, pay attention and change something.


Addressing Karma

So how do we change?

I mean, how do we truly change when these patterns keep coming up in our lives over and over again?

Well, you have to look deeper.

Like a coach diving deep into a client’s problem, looking underneath the surface, you need to recognize that these patterns are simply symptoms of a deeper imbalance within yourself, and this can be big.

You might realize that despite there being only one recurring pattern in your life, you actually have a subconscious belief that affects many areas of your life, in ways you didn’t realize until you uncovered it.

If this is the case, it’s time to heal that negative belief and reprogram your brain with a new, more positive one.

Ways to do this vary, as the subconscious mind can be hard to reach, but even witnessing the pattern coming up and shifting your energy by doing something different can be enough to start shifting that karmic pattern from showing up again.

Another way to reprogram the brain is simply through hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, rapid transformational therapy or another healing modality that goes directly to the source, the subconscious mind, for the resolution of any given issue.

Through these modalities, you can quickly and easily reprogram your brain to support you in obtaining success, love and peace in life and you can actually begin to heal and learn from the karmic cycles that have come up in your life.

The key word here is learn.

If you don’t learn from your karmic cycles, you will inevitably repeat them over and over again, which is how the mind is wired.

The mind is wired to learn and when there is a problem, it is wired to help you to fix it.

It’s actually been on your side all along.

But what you don’t realize is that this certain thing in your life will keep coming up over and over again until you take the time to observe it, heal it and actually replace it with something more positive.

Witnessing it and learning from it is key, because if you don’t take the time to absorb all the knowledge that you need to know about this given wound or pattern in your life, you will inevitably repeat it until you do.

It needs your loving attention, and you need its loving lesson.

So the next time a recurring pattern shows up in your life, remember, it isn’t about punishment or your mind being out to get you, it’s about your evolution and it’s actually an important moment for you to stop, get quiet and really witness whatever is showing up for you in the moment.

You never know to what depths this cycle may take you, and your mind is always bringing something up for a reason, you just may not have the full picture yet until you allow it to teach you what it needs to in order to heal.