Life Update: Living in Alignment, Inner Work & More

Hello again, lovelies!

It has a been a little while, since I’ve had a cold and haven’t been able to write as much in the past week or so.

I decided this week I wanted to do an honest recap of my journey these past few months and how I’m living in alignment these days, what that looks like, how I’m diving into inner work and so much more!


Living in Alignment

It’s definitely been a roller coaster and I’ve felt my mood swing upwards and downwards into high highs and low lows, I feel that I’m reaching a new balance as time goes on and I’m learning new things about myself and personal growth that I never could fully grasp before.

I felt I had to share this with you because I wanted you to know what it looks like to live by these principles in real life, managing your inner world with your outer world and just being on the spiritual path in this crazy world.

There are still things I don’t understand, things I need to work on and things I still need to learn. I am not perfect and this journey is a winding one, and lately I’ve been finding myself hitting the reset button on my life.

I have been veering out of alignment and struggled with going from negative to positive thoughts constantly throughout my day. It’s taken me just realizing that I’m human and my mind is like so many others in that it skips around to totally different places throughout the day to just realize that it’s okay to have off days and that doesn’t make me a failure if I do.

I am in the middle of hitting the reset button on my life right now with the craziness of school starting and getting back to my roots of alignment and spiritual rituals after being sick for most of July and early August, and struggling to bounce back from that.

I’ll be honest, I am in the middle of creating an e-course right now on alignment and the principles of joyful living and part of me feels like a fraud because I am still taking some time to realign myself in the coming days, weeks and months ahead and balance my responsibilities with my spiritual practices.

But this is just where I am right now, and I’ve learned to accept that with compassion for myself because I know that inevitably I will bounce back, but even now this place has a lot to teach me.


Divine Feminine Work

Speaking of where I am right now, Divine Feminine work has been a huge part of my inner work lately.

I’ve realized that most of my struggles in personal development come from a place of me wanting to guard myself off from vulnerability and therefore growth. It’s just another way my mind is trying in the best of intentions to protect me, but I’ve been working lately on softening my gaze towards life and myself.

I’ve realized self-love is something I need to work on and that my mind in some ways has gotten the best of me, having me retreat back to old habits while it tries to bring me back to what feels familiar and safe.

Divine Feminine work has been a huge part of this inner work because it’s all about softening, self-love, nurturing myself, self-care, delighting in life and being in touch with my inner child, which I wrote about last week.

I said before that I would do a blog post on how it has been serving me and all about how you can get into it, but I’ve been realizing that this work sometimes takes time to unfold and I am just at the beginning. I will share more as I progress through it, but for now I am taking time to retreat a bit into myself to do the work I need to do.

I’ve realized I sometimes overshare when it is too soon, and I want to set that boundary for myself and for you so I can bring you something when it is ready to come forth, so that you can get the most out of it too.


The Alignment E-Course

As I mentioned before, I am in the middle of creating an online course on alignment and other principles of joyful living that I hope to launch later this month.

It’s been nearly two months in the making and I am so happy to even be able to share this with you now, I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Although my personal practice with alignment has definitely veered off path some times during these past few months, I feel it has only added to the course because it’s allowed me to see more into your perspective as someone who is trying to balance joyful living and their responsibilities and even reconcile those two areas in order to fit them together.

I’ve given you my best in this e-course, always. I have always only worked on it when I felt aligned and listened to my intuition through the whole process. I’ve even redone parts of it if they felt off or like they weren’t giving you the best of my knowledge and experience.

It is always a labor of love and I hope that you enjoy the course if you decide to purchase it.

I’ll be doing a series of webinars on different aspects of joyful living leading up to the launch, so be sure to be on the lookout for those coming soon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this life update! I wanted to lay it all out there for you and tell you honestly how I am.

I know sometimes from my posts I can seem very happy and I most definitely am, I have so many blessings (including you!) to be thankful for, but I also want to show you my low points as well and the fact that I am on this journey with you-high points, low points and all.

You can leave a comment below telling me where you are on your journey, whether you’re trying out living in alignment or not, I’d love to hear more about your journey and connect. It’s good to remember we’re all in this together.

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Thanks for joining me today and I hope you have a beautiful weekend! See you next week lovely!