Making Life Magical & Fun-Learning to Live Every Day in Joy

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Joy is a lifestyle.

If there's anything I'd love for you to take away from this series, it is that you have the power to choose joy in every way every day of your life, and that the more you do that, the happier you will be.

Today, lovely, I want to talk to you about how you can make life a magical adventure for yourself. 

The truth is, I'm still learning how to do this.

I am relatively new to this lifestyle, I've been practicing these techniques religiously for only about a month, and while I have seen massive growth within myself, it is an everyday process that I must allow to unfold each day.

Here's how I am incorporating magic and fun into my everyday and a few tips on how you can too:


Live in Flow

Often as people, we like to think of life as this fast-paced world that we have to keep up with, and we tell ourselves stories about having ten-year plans, realistic goals, and deadlines for reaching milestones in our careers and personal lives.

But what I've been playing around with recently is the radical notion, at least for the Western world as I've seen, that we can actually do more by slowing down.

Slowing the current of life, learning to appreciate the now instead of the not-yet, and living from a place of feeling good rather than a place of obligation.

It's a new concept for me, and I must say that at times it hasn't been easy to adopt.

It still feels foreign to me in some ways.

For instance, we can really slow down and get more done in the process? We can really follow what feels good and live our lives with true joy? We can really follow our hearts, enjoy the present, and still be a person in the world?

It almost seems too good to be true, our logical minds and everything in us thinking no, it simply can't be.


When we follow what feels good, what feels like home truly in our bones, we tap into our intuition and end up living a life that we never imagined we could. 

It's definitely not status-quo, it takes a little bit of risk as it goes against much of what we feel we know, but it is an adventure I've been toying around with and I've found that it has left me happier, wiser and more fulfilled than before.

Being in flow, coming from this place of feeling good and then taking action from that place has made my work flourish, exploded my personal growth and left me with so much joy in the process.

This has come from me making it a priority.

When I wake up in the morning, one of my first priorities is to get in alignment, to get to this place of high-vibe living to the point where it comes naturally.

It isn't always easy, in fact this week it has been difficult to reach that stage of flow. Today I feel I have finally hit the reset button after starting my week out of alignment, and much like moving to a new place physically, this alignment is a lifestyle of moving myself into a new place emotionally.

I hope to develop and maintain a set point of joy, but I know in my heart that I will always have those days when I feel out of flow, and I just have to have compassion for myself and appreciation for that contrast.

If you make feeling good your top priority, knowing that choosing joy in all things will lead you to feeling joy in all things, your life will begin to seem much more fun and magical than before.

This may sound too optimistic to you, especially if you feel your commitments get in the way of that. 

But choosing joy doesn't mean you are selfish or lazy, it means you prioritize feeling good and then take action from that place, which might mean getting into alignment before work and choosing to not let your circumstances define your mood each day.

This is learning to live in flow and it's a learned lifestyle of defaulting to a more joyful, loving state of being. 


Think of Life As A Game

I've been toying with this idea for a while now, and I have to say it has been fun exploring life through this lens.

By thinking of life as a game and you as a player, it adds an element of magic to your everyday.

Yes, life can be serious in some regards, but when you really sit down to think about it, it is sort of like a game.

We choose different paths which lead us to live totally different lives filled with fun relationships, vibrant adventures whether within ourselves or without, and we have this unique ability to search for the meaning of it all in the process.

We experience so much in one lifetime and there is so much variety in that process. 

I heard a theory the other day where someone said we came here for the mere satisfaction of being here.

It's an interesting idea to toy with, because when we slow down and get into flow, into this appreciation of all that is within this moment, we start to notice the vibrancy of it.

The many experiences we get to have, the many lives we get to connect with and the ideas we have the pleasure of toying with, seeing which ones resonate deep within us.

It's an interesting phenomenon that there is so much here, exactly as it is so that we may survive and connect to one another in such a myriad of ways.

Thinking of life as a game, as this beautiful, fun, lighthearted experience we are privileged with, it makes life so much more exciting.

Every experience becomes something you can learn from, a glorious unfolding before your eyes that when finished, is a masterpiece within itself.

This idea removes this notion we have that life is a serious occurrence, something we can mess up or something we must be stoic about, and allows us to drift into this lighthearted state of being, where every experience becomes vibrant because it simply becomes part of the unfolding.

When we treasure this process of life, we start to see just how magical it is if we open our eyes, expanding our ideas of how life should go to experience new ways of how life could be.


Joy in All Things

One of the principles of this lifestyle is learning to have joy in all things.

This is, I feel, an opportunity for growth in all of us.

We think that we cannot possibly have joy in all things, and while I would agree to honor your emotions in all circumstances, I think that you can have joy in all things.

It's a new idea, even for me, which if you've noticed in this post I tend to be more out of the box when it comes to the joy mindset.

I'm still learning to live with joy in my circumstances and I know that there will always be ups and downs, contrast within my life.

I appreciate those moments, as they often lead to more moments of wholehearted joy and growth.

But I'm starting to wonder if we can live in this state of joy, practice it more and more, to the point where we do have joy in all things.

We learn to appreciate the moment for what it is teaching us, for all that is unfolding, and come from this place of love in all that we do.

I know it seems crazy, and even as I'm writing this I am nowhere near to fully processing this idea or how it would play out in real life.

But one thing I do know from my ongoing practices of joy and alignment is that there are many more areas where you can be truly happy, more than you know.

There are many areas where you've decided to let your circumstances define your happiness, therefore many areas where you can choose to pick up joy once again.

It isn't always easy, it's a lifestyle and one that takes time to learn as we commit to it. But in the end it is worth it not only because of the tremendous joy the journey provides, but also because of the journey itself and where it may take us.


Thank you, beautiful, for staying until the end! I know this was a long post and I hope that you enjoyed it.

These ideas are honestly what I've been processing through the past month and some of which I continue to process. This is largely based on my own process and unfolding in the past month, so please take what serves you, what resonates with you, and leave the rest if it does not speak to you.

I hope that this series has encouraged you that you can live with more joy in your life and to appreciate the unfolding that comes within your own journey. 

Thank you again for showing up as you have for this series! I love you gorgeous, and know that you are so so worthy of all the goodness coming your way!