New Moon Ritual: November 7, 2018 New Moon in Scorpio

Hello lovelies!

So today I just felt called to share a little ritual with you for this upcoming New Moon and I hope to write another longer blog post later in the week starting off our mystical series, but for now I just wanted to share this ritual with you.

Here’s a little look into this lunar cycle:


2018 New Moon in Scorpio

What It’s All About: This whole Scorpio season has been all about transformation, letting go of old wounds and traumas and stepping into a new, unbound self. The New Moon is an opportunity to shed your old self and step into who you want to become. With this lunar cycle, you can bring light to the darkest places, fill up on what you need to truly heal and leave old wounds behind as you step into a newfound, beautifully free self. Of course all life is cyclical, so this isn’t an end all be all occurrence, but it can be a powerful time to release and be ‘reborn’ in a sense to who you truly are and what you want to invite into your life in the coming months.

The Ritual: Call in what you want through writing down your intentions for the next season and call in what you want to manifest in the coming weeks and months. Do you need emotional support during this time of releasing and shedding your old self to step into the new you? Call it in. Do you want to be making more money the next few months? Call it in. Do you want to have a deeper relationship with your partner? Call it in. You can do this by setting a candle, grabbing your journal and listing out your intentions, then sealing it with the prayer, “Universe, I pray for the highest good for all. What is in alignment for me will come my way and if any of these things are not in alignment I trust that something better is on the way.”

Bonus: Quantum shift into the you that already has it by asking yourself, “If I already had X, Y or Z what would I be doing right now? How would I feel? Who would I be?” and step into that person right now.

Crystals: Good crystals to use for this ritual are clear quartz for amplifying your intentions, rose quartz for self-love or for relationships if they are involved in your New Moon ritual, amethyst for clarifying your intentions, and apophyllite for further clarity and bringing about a fresh start associated with the New Moon.

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Have an amazing Wednesday beautiful and I’ll see you soon with another post!