On Valentine’s Day, Choosing Love and Finding Happiness

Valentine’s Day is approaching, as we’ve seen by the ‘Singles Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day’ posts going around. If I’m honest, I sort of hate those posts. Who says that you have to survive Valentine’s Day just because you don’t have a romantic partner on the actual day?

People always say that it’s an overrated holiday, and it really is, that’s true. However, I don’t think that this holiday is so popular because of its connection to relationship status, so much as it is because of its connection to love.

So today, no matter whther you like Valentine’s Day or not and no matter where you are relationship-wise, I wanted to have an honest chat about this holiday and the bigger picture of how we can use it to motivate us in our own journey.


Choosing Love

Love is what makes the world go round, it’s what lights us up and keeps us going. Whether or not you choose love in your day to day life affects the quality of it, and Valentine’s Day is about celebrating that choice, regardless of relationship status.  



There’s a lot to be said about self-love. When you love yourself, things seem to just fall into place. You’re able to have relationships that fill you with joy, because you know you are enough. You’re able to do what you enjoy without guilt, because you honor your desires.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just focus on your romantic relationships, focus on your relationships with yourself. After all, that’s where it all begins.


Finding Happiness

They say if you can find happiness in yourself you can find happiness in the world. The same goes for peace. It’s true that happiness is a choice that you make. You determine your mindset, not your circumstances and not the people around you. 

So, take this day to practice self-care. Meditate. Find stillness and peace within. This one thing will make your relationships flourish like never before. When you heal, your relationships start healing. So invest in yourself today and enjoy just being with yourself.  


Spread The Love

Finally, go out and love. Help someone, maybe even a stranger. It will make you feel amazing and it will make their day brighter.  

If you are in a relationship, or you have someone close to you who you want to show love, spend some quality time with them. Ask them about their life, their dreams; take the time to have a deep conversation with them.  Material gifts are great, but what is more valuable is a deep conversation, the feeling that they get when you hug them and tell them you love them. Give them that gift today.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope that you enjoy your Valentine’s Day no matter your relationship status! 

Share in the comments below how you are choosing love today.  

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!