Playfulness & Wonder: Inviting Your Inner Child Into Your Everyday

Recently I’ve been delighted by the discovery of my inner child.

She’s playful, wonderful, magical and wild in more ways than I knew.

Her wisdom and her lightness about life is continuously inspiring me to create more, be more and experience more in my life.

So I wanted to share that with you today, because alignment is all about feeling good and having fun is a huge part of that.

As I’m exploring the Divine Feminine, I am also experiencing an awakening of my inner playfulness, softness and wonder.

It feels like home.

It feels so free and wild.

So of course, I wanted to talk about how you could have that experience too.

A little art piece I made just because I felt like it. It’s not Matisse, but it’s mine.

A little art piece I made just because I felt like it. It’s not Matisse, but it’s mine.

By Joshua Coleman (@joshstyle), Unsplash

By Joshua Coleman (@joshstyle), Unsplash

The Importance of Playfulness

When was the last time that you rolled on the floor laughing?

When was the last time you bought an adult coloring book, video game or something that felt silly but lit up your soul?

This is the spirit of playfulness.

Playfulness lights us up and enables us to go about the world with a magic and wonder that we didn’t know we had before.

Allowing our inner child to shine through, whether it feels silly or not, is a doorway into some of our most magical, healing moments for our soul.

We’ve gotten so used to being serious all the time, to the idea that life is hard and we need to be too.

But embracing our inner playfulness reminds us that life can be light, life can be magical and that our true nature springs forth when we allow ourselves to experience all the joys and wonders of life with light playfulness and softness.

It’s an essential self-care practice and it allows us to show up in the world as the light that we are, because we can’t solve the world’s problems or our own if we aren’t fully present in ourselves.

Your lit up self is much more productive and serves the world better than you ever would otherwise, I promise.

So how do we embrace our inner child?

Oh girl, we’re just getting started.

By Joshua Coleman (@joshstyle), Unsplash

By Joshua Coleman (@joshstyle), Unsplash

Inviting Your Inner Child Into Your Everyday

Your inner child is a well of wisdom, not just about what you need to let go of but also what you need more of, including playfulness, wonder and joy.

Here are a few ways that you can start embracing your inner child on the daily:

  • Dance-Just because.

  • Play with your hairstyles, outfits and accessories

  • Go on an adventure

  • Make art, crafts or get a coloring book and go wild

  • Make it a habit to try new things, have new experiences that you feel called to, delight in the unknown

  • Explore new topics, make a commitment to learning things just for fun and explore your interests, not for any reason or research, but just because it’s fun

  • Laugh more, smile more, enjoy your days

  • Be grateful for everyday things, find the magic in everyday life

  • Follow what feels good, make a whole Saturday out of it and see where it leads you

  • Take yourself out for ice cream, buy yourself flowers or treat yourself in a way that feels really good to you

  • Practice self-care like a holy ritual-mother yourself, nurture yourself, find magic in taking care of the essentials with love and compassion

These are just a few ways to connect to your inner child, your inner playfulness and delight.

Relish in these moments, no matter how small, when you connect to your inner child, even if it feels silly.

It’s essential that you learn the practice of honoring what lights you up so that you can light up the world, because delight is so good and you deserve it.

Now, go have some fun!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I hope that whatever way you choose to connect to your inner child, you have so much fun! Leave a comment below if you’d like, sharing what lights you up the most and how you’re connecting to your inner child today.

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Hope you have an amazing weekend and I’d love to see you here again soon! Thanks for joining me today lovely!