Practicing Ease-Learning the Softer, More Joyful Way to Be

What if I told you that nearly everything in your life could be easier?

It could be accomplished with more softness, more grace, more ease?

It would be crazy, right?

But so often, I've found that people make life much harder than it needs to be.

We have this belief that it has to be hard, that without it being hard we aren't making progress or actually arriving anywhere, that we are being lazy.

I've caught myself in this trap too and lately I've been playing around with the idea that life can be filled with ease, that there's a softer, less complicated way to do things where you actually get more done in less time.

You've seen my journey progress with this on the blog with alignment and coming from a place of feeling good and the crazy, out-there notion that living from this place actually helps us become all that we know we can be.

But when it comes to ease, I've been slowly coming to the conclusion that life can be easy if we choose to make it easy.

Don't get me wrong, there are still things we can't control. But it's how we respond to those things that determines how our days, weeks, years and eventually our lives play out.

Yes, life is complex and sometimes it can be messy, but there are so many instances in which it can be fun and filled with ease if we allow it to be, if we let go of our inclination to make it more complicated than it has to be.

So how is it that we can have more ease and is it even possible that there is a softer, more joyful way to live in the world?

It's all about how you choose to see the world.


The Path of Least Resistance

Before I explain the phrase above, because I know for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it may seen like an odd phrase, I want to explain why ease has always been a crucial part of life.

Arndt's Law of Physiology

Nature, its harmony, if you have noticed, is accomplished with surprisingly minimal effort.

What is also surprising is the effect that certain stimuli have on the body, as shown in Arndt's Law of Physiology, which states that subtle stimuli has the most positive effect, whereas stronger stimuli has less of a positive effect.

This basically means that the less you do, the more is accomplished, and that something very simple can have a profound effect. For example, in massage this principle is applied in that gentle, slow movements are more effective than force. Find out more about this principle here.

This principle can be applied to many situations and reflects upon the notion that efforting or forcing something in life is not as effective, which begs the question, what could we do instead?


Effort Vs. Flow

This is where the path of least resistance, or least effort, comes in.

You might be confused as to why you would not put forth effort.

Doesn't effort yield results? Why would I put forth the least amount of effort?

It does make sense that effort would yield more results than no effort, however it is more about how you effort than about how much you effort.

Let me explain.

If you find yourself constantly doing all you can to move towards your goals, but you're not getting results or you find yourself burnt out, you are spending a tremendous time efforting from this place of not having it yet.

You aren't coming from a place of joy or alignment, because if you were you'd likely see it differently.

You can put forth a tremendous amount of effort and still not see results because of the attitude with which you take action.

When you see it as a mountain and come from the place of striving to make your goals come to fruition, you aren't coming from a place of clarity.

The action you take isn't inspired, it isn't strategic because it's almost like you are starting the climb without knowing there's a peak, and so you aren't bringing all of the supplies you need.

You are blindly taking whatever action seems like it could work, any action, instead of being intuitive with what action you take and making sure that you are coming from a place of clarity, which can only come from being aligned.

What Flow Brings to the Table

This is where the path of least resistance comes into play, because once you're in that place of clarity and you can see the full picture, you realize exactly which action you need to take, which is often quite small.

You trust that everything will unfold as it needs to, and you release the need to control the how of the outcome.

All you need to do is stay in flow and take action from there, which may even include rest.


How this has played out in my own life

An example from my own life in which I chose to embrace ease and take the path of least resistance was this past Wednesday.

I had to complete a few forms for my passport application, because my passport had expired a few months before.

I found myself stressed when thinking about it because I was thinking of deadlines and getting it all done, and I just stopped and got in alignment.

I knew that I had to come from a place of flow for me to actually get anything done.

So as I got in alignment and came from this place of ease, I realized that it was all in my head.

I don't have any big trips planned, so deadlines weren't something I needed to spend my energy worrying about, they were all in my head.

I told myself that everything will be accomplished in due time and that it will flow together.

My passport will be renewed in exactly the right timeline and everything will flow together perfectly if I allow it to, if I let go of the need to control the timeline and trust that it will work out.

This ease helped me approach these forms with a lighter attitude, it truly was a light process.

Still, I'll be honest with you, I did get stressed a little in the end. I'm still working on incorporating this mindset into my days, this ease and flow and trust.

I have to have compassion for the times when I let it go, but I know that the more I practice the more it will seep into my way of being until it becomes second nature.

A more easeful example, one where I cooperated with the path of least resistance fully, happened a few days ago.

I had been asking the Universe for something, preferably natural, to help ease my ovarian cyst pain and treat them at the source.

I have had success with my nutrition changes to start putting my PCOS in remission, however I have been experiencing increasing amounts of pain each month and I grew concerned about how to manage it going forward and what it meant for my health.

I was hoping to find some remedies for the cysts, as well as a look into why they were flaring up.

Well, although I don't have all the answers yet and it is still in progress, I did end up getting two remedies for the cysts that are organic and treat the root, as well as the pain.

I was also able to book an ultrasound with my doctor so that they can hopefully look more into what is going on with my cysts and why I am experiencing more pain.

I am so thankful to have found the remedies and get to check in with my body, and I did these things following my intuition as well so this week has been quite the adventure.


How to Invite More Ease Into Your Life

The secret to how it all worked out in my second example, I believe, is because I decided to take a softer approach.

I came from a place of ease, knowing that there had to be a softer, better way.

"There must be a softer, more satisfying, easier way."

-Abraham Hicks

If something feels hard, if something feels like you are burning out by doing it, there is likely an easier way.

There are so many things that we tend to make harder than they need to be, for example if I had decided that there were no possible remedies for my cysts, if I had decided that this just will suck forever, I never would have been open enough to receive these nudges that it could be different.

I would have given up, or I would have just tried to effort my way to being, I would have just tried to grudgingly exist with this pain instead of thinking, there is an easier way, there is an easier way, there is something better.

Part of that something better also has to do with my attitude.

As I was thinking about my pain the other day, thinking about how much I wanted to do and couldn't do, I started to notice how low-vibe I was and how I can't control the pain but I can control my response to it.

I claimed my power. I decided in that moment, just as I can choose to decide every moment, to come to peace with it.

If it stops me from doing certain activities, which it may, I don't have to be sad about it.

In fact, I can still have fun. I can still appreciate all that I still get to do, all the people which I still get to interact with on a daily basis, with the hope and the sincere desire to one day do those things, however not letting that desire affect how I live today, how I am now.

Because now is all I have, and while dreaming is amazing, there are many things to appreciate in this moment as there will be in the coming moment.

Coming to peace with the present doesn't mean I give up, it simply means that I allow what is in this moment to be what it is without resistance.

This ease, this flow, provides me with inner peace, which is the best kind of environment for my body anyway.


I'll admit that this realization is still working its way into my life.

I am not at ease with my pain all the time, but the time that I am at ease with it is expanding, and I am learning the true definition of inner peace in the process while also being thankful for what this season of my life can teach me.

It feels almost like guru knowledge, to be honest, as I don't feel that I've mastered this concept and it truly feels like a higher way of being in the world with the condition I have.

But I know that my resistance will not serve me, that getting riled up about my pain does me no good, so it is of least resistance and highest service to myself to come to peace with it.

Again, this comes from the radical notion that there is a softer way.

I thought to myself that there had to be a more soulful, easeful way of being and there was as there always is, which is a testament to the benefits and efficiency ease brings to the table.

If you want more ease in your life, it starts with the notion that it can be softer, easier. 

Wherever you are struggling or feel like you cannot flow, whenever something feels hard in your life, stop and ask yourself, "Am I in alignment? Is there a softer, better way to do this that perhaps I haven't considered? Am I allowing the present moment to be what it is or am I forcing something to be and if I am, how may I let go of this resistance and choose a different path?"

These questions bring about different answers for different situations, and while I can't speak to every situation, I can say that they've been incredibly valuable in my own life and continue to amaze me in their results.

Thank you for joining me here today! I hope this post taught you about ease and how to incorporate more of it into your life.

If you have stories about your own path of least resistance and how it's played out within your life, drop a comment below or hit me up on socials @livesoulfullyfree.

Have a beautiful day, gorgeous!