6 Hustle-Free Tips to Soulfully Grow Your Career

Are you looking to grow your career but you aren't sure where to start? Maybe you've been working non-stop only to find that at the end of the day you get nothing back for it. Well, that's about to change.

Because I believe that in order to do good work we have to learn how to work smarter, not harder. It isn't about hustle, it's about flow. 

So today we will cover six tips that will grow your career without running you into the ground. It's time to tap into that feminine energy and balance that with the masculine energy of action so that you can get the most out of your job and feel fulfilled in the process.


Get in Alignment

First things first, before you even start working, be sure that you are in alignment. Alignment simply means that you feel good, you are in flow.

Think about the days when you think about how much you hate doing filing or you think about how stressed out you are. Those are not good days, am I right? And you likely do not get much work done that you are proud of, am I right again?

So no matter what it is, in order to grow your career you have to start with enjoying your present career now, which the next tip will cover as well. When you get in alignment, in flow, you do your best work and you end up feeling good all day long. 

Doing your best work means that you will more enjoy the work that you do and that you can move closer towards your career goals because you have first gotten into the mindset that you need in order to achieve those goals.


Think About the Skills This is Teaching You

Gratitude goes a long way in your career. Aside from forming the mindset you need to achieve your career goals, it also allows you to open your mind to how you are presently growing in your skills.

Those boring tasks that you think are insignificant are actually teaching you something, as my fellow blogger Kimberley Wenya points out in this post, and are moving you towards the life that you want.

While filing might not sound fun, think of the skill it is teaching you and learn to be grateful for that, because it will help you in the future.

Get Real with Yourself About What You Want

What is it that you really want in your career? Do you hate the 9-5 and want to open up your own company? Or are you happy with your 9-5 and wish that you could do more to give back in your job?

Get real with yourself about what you really want in your job and think about the ways that you can move towards that now. If you are tired of the 9-5 and don't want to climb the corporate ladder, maybe starting a blog can help you figure out if you want to open up your own online business one day.

If you want to advance in the company that you're currently in, think about the ways in which you can best serve your company. Is there a gap that needs to be filled and you have a possible solution? Make a connection with your boss and talk to them about how you can best help the company grow.


Take Inspired Action

This sort of goes with the last step, but once you've gotten clear with yourself about what you want, take action on it. But not just any action, take inspired action.

Inspired action isn't just you grabbing at any opportunity you can, it's actually you being strategic and smart about what actions you take and how that will impact your career. Use your intuition and figure out which actions will be best to get you to the place where you want to be.

Maybe that means taking a leap, like asking your boss for a raise, or maybe that means making your mark at the monthly company meeting. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to step out on a limb and move towards your goals, because your time is now and there is never a better time for you to reach towards growth.


Remove Any Limiting Beliefs You Have

With every intention we set, there will always be some way in which we get in our own way. Those thoughts that come into your head when you think about asking for a raise, about how you aren't good enough or you can't do it, those are limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs hold you back from what you want by convincing you that you aren't enough and block you from being who you really are. That girl who's confident, who knows what she wants and goes and gets it, that's you, but these limiting beliefs aren't a part of who you are and it's time for them to go.

This might take some work on your part, because these beliefs tend to be garbage that we've carried around for a long time. So you're going to have to dig deep and bring out some self-forgiveness in order to get through them. But once you do, your blocks will be removed and you will be able to move towards what you desire without hesitation.


Allow Your Goals to Come to You

This seems counter-intuitive, right? Like, wait Abbey, you mean I'm just going to sit back and watch it float to me without any work?

Well, yes. And no. See, the inspired actions that you've taken have already moved you towards your goals. But, you can't burn yourself out by always hustling and bringing desperate vibes to the table when it comes to your goals.

You have to trust that if it is for you, it is coming to you, and if it isn't for you, something better is coming to you. Once you remove your blocks, you start to see that there is so much abundance around you and that your goals are easily achievable.

We have this thing with success as a people where it has to be hard, and that mentality alone is blocking us from getting there. This doesn't mean you do nothing, but that you know that the action you take is smart and that once you've done that action and continue to do that action, you eventually will have to just let it happen. 

I hope that these tips helped you! This is definitely more of a feminine approach, and I have to say that it's this balance of inspired action along with letting go that's allowed me to grow my business and blog thus far. 

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