6 Ways to Craft a Lifegiving, Soulful Morning Routine

Hey there, beautiful! 

Today we going to talk about the key to having a successful day, and therefore a successful life, transforming your mornings. 

Recently, I’ve been focusing on recreating my mornings to empower me to have a positive mindset ALL DAY. 

Yes, girl, I said it. It is possible to have a great day and it is possible to choose your happiness every day. 

I’ve noticed that I have had a negative mindset in the past, and I’ve made it a goal for May to continuously develop a positive mindset, starting with my mornings as that is when your subconscious is most impressionable.

Once I started doing that, I realized that every day my capacity for positivity was growing each day, it started to be longer and longer until a negative thought arises and it was easier to get back on track.

I continue to do this daily through life giving morning routines and rituals, and I know that one day it will grow to the point where it is a natural part of my day to have positivity envelop all areas of my life. 

Here are a few rituals I’ve been following to increase positivity in my life and elevate my capacity for joy during my day: 

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1. Aim to Wake Up Grateful

One of the most beautiful phrases I’ve heard is that the first thought in your head when you wake up in the morning should be, “Thank you.” 

Whether you are thanking the Universe for another beautiful day, the sunshine flowing through the window or getting to see a family member in the morning before they head off to work, aiming to wake up grateful will transform your mornings and make your days flow effortlessly, in harmony with life. 

This is because being grateful enables you to start your day with an abundance mindset.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life or listing complaints about the world, you start by taking inventory of all of the gifts you have, the blessings in your life, and suddenly the world starts to open up to you. 

Beauty becomes apparent to you and positivity flows naturally from these thoughts and the feeling of thankfulness. 


2. Scripting and Visualization

I must confess, this is a part of my routine I’m still working on.  

Part of me says, “I just don’t have time.” But the truth is, it hasn’t yet become a priority in my life, which is something I’m still working on with positivity. 

But, I know that as my capacity for joy increases and my cup overflows, thereby growing bigger, I will make this habit a bigger part of my life. 

Its sort of ironic, because it is one of my favorite parts of my routine when I do it, 😂, so it just goes to show you that I don’t know everything and I’m right there with you when it comes to improving my own life and habits. 

Anyway, this is really the key to creating a perfect day for yourself. 

They day writing something down is like reading it seven times.

Well, imagine you did that with your dreams.  Can you imagine how powerful it would be to write out your dreams as if they’ve already happened?

Girl, scripting is just that! 

It’s a powerful technique you can use to invite in more of what you want in life and start saying yes to your true desires.

Coupled with visualization, it acts as a powerful ritual that gets you into what I like to call Dream Mode. 

In Dream Mode, you are able to see your dreams right in front of you, and you’re in perfect alignment to receive intuitive guidance to step towards those goals you so want to achieve. 

Imagine the power you could have in your daily life of you got into Dream Mode every morning! It would be awesome, and that’s precisely why these rituals are key to perform in your morning routine.


3. Positive Affirmations

As if you didn’t have enough rituals already to get you feeling your best, you’ll want to add in positive affirmations to train your subconscious to be effortlessly positive.

Also, don’t be afraid to repeat the same ones every day. You may think that it will be boring as it becomes repetitive, but the truth is your subconscious learns best through repetition as it can be very stubborn in holding on to limiting beliefs.

One of my favorite ways to practice this ritual is by going on YouTube and finding a morning rampage by Abraham Hicks.

It just reminds me of the love that exists in the world, and how much I have the power to change my life by choosing joy at every second.

However you find this works best for you, affirmations will train your subconscious to look more for the good, the love and the positivity in daily life, bringing you lasting joy throughout your day.


4. Listen to a Podcast

I'm a learner. I made up my mind when I rebranded that I was going to commit to learning, because I can always improve.

Podcasts are one way to do that. 

In fact, I was just listening to this episode of the Manifestation Babe Podcast, and I heard Katherin say,

"There's a phrase that I almost never hear from successful people...there's a habit that is screwing up your success and it is: saying "I know."...You don't actually already know something until you have results in that area."

You are never too much of an expert to learn the basics all over again. 

Your subconscious thrives off of repetition, that is where you will grow most, the more you give your subconscious ideas to chew on and absorb, that is when you will start seeing results.

Listening to a high-vibe podcast, whether that be an interview with a successful girlboss or a self-help podcast like Manifestation Babe, you can sustain your elevated mood throughout your day and learn something new by incorporating this ritual into your day.

For me personally, I love listening to a podcast over breakfast.

Not only does it give my monkey mind something to focus on, but it also enriches my life in so many ways and I end up walking away with so many nuggets of wisdom, time that is invaluable to me as a girlboss and as a student of life.

Here are a few high-vibe podcasts that are great to start your day with:


5. Reading

Lifelong learning can also come in the form of taking ten minutes to read per day.

I love reading in the mornings and the evenings, it helps me to start and end my day right, and pushes me towards what I want in life.

Sometimes if I am not feeling a podcast or I simply feel a bit more introverted, I will give myself more time for reading instead of listening to a podcast, and it's just something that I have to be intuitive about.

We are blessed with so much as a culture to be able to learn so much and have so much information readily available to us, but it can get overwhelming, so I like to listen to my intuition to see what I feel like that day.

Right now I am in the middle of The Big Leap, and I'm loving waking up to inspiration right in the palm of my hand.

I'd highly recommend reading self-development books in the morning, as they can kickstart your growth, but if you feel better with a piece of fiction, you do what feels best to you.

If you aren't a reader but you love podcasts, then audiobooks are also a great resource.

Since rebranding, I've finally made reading a priority.

For so long, I put it off because I wasn't truly invested in my own self-development and I felt stuck. But once I made time to read, something I enjoy so much but had told myself that I didn't have time for, I started feeling better and my growth exploded.

If you've wanted to start reading again for so long, but you've told yourself you don't have time, start making it a priority because you love it and you deserve to feel good and make time for the things you love. It's a lifegiving ritual that pays off so much in the end.


6. Get in Alignment Before You Start Working

All of these rituals combined will set you up for a perfect day.

They do this because they get you feeling good, and feeling good means you're in alignment.

When you are in alignment, life just seems to flow. 

You feel good, your work flows effortlessly and things just seem to work out for you without much effort on your part.

Life is good, and these are the days you'll remember as being effortlessly perfect.

There's this lie that you can't feel good all the time, that your day can't flow perfectly.

I want you to take a second to think about why you say that, because you may find that you're letting your day define you instead of going out and defining life for yourself.

A lot of times, as I've learned from The Big Leap, we will put limits on our happiness.

We will say,

"I can't be happy because this happened."


"I can't be happy all the time because life isn't perfect and shit happens all the time."

Ladies, that's a lie.

Life does happen, and it isn't always perfect.

But when you stop letting your circumstances define you and start choosing happiness for yourself, your whole world changes.

When you allow life to happen, you start realizing that when you stop being resistant to the flow of life and trust that the best is indeed yet to come, you see the world in a totally different way.

Sure, Bob in accounting isn't always perfect, but that doesn't mean that his error on a report has to throw off your whole day.

You're letting it throw off your whole day.

There's a shortcut to get around all of this, to actually get past the pain and into the good stuff, the days when your life flows and you take responsibility for your part in your happiness.

Those days happen when you prioritize your alignment.

Getting in alignment and sustaining alignment doesn't come easy to us.

We often get in our own way and sabotage our success because we believe life has to be hard or that success comes with more stress. 

The truth is, life is meant to be fun. There are so many things in this world to appreciate and there is so much beauty just waiting to be noticed in your life.

You can be so happy when you start realizing that you are powerful in your own life to create thought, and influence how you experience life.

So start prioritizing feeling good, and your life will suddenly look so much brighter than you could imagine. 

No matter if that means cat memes or meditation or rose quartz crystals, prioritize feeling good in your own life and do that before you do any work or important tasks for the day.

You'll feel so good and that good feeling will carry into beautiful work and ultimately a great work day, leading to even more great work days in the future.

If you follow these rituals (and listen to your intuition to add more to your day perfectly suited to you), then I assure you your days will flow positively and you'll begin to see massive shifts in your day.

Share with me below, which rituals are your favorites? What makes you feel oh so good in the morning?

Have a beautiful Wednesday lovely! You are so worthy of all the goodness coming your way, and the best is always yet to come, gorgeous girl!