Let's Talk About Death

It’s an exciting time here on the blog as I’m kicking off this new series of posts devoted to exploring spirituality and new ideas about life, so I thought I would start it off with something light and easy: death.

Sooo exciting, isn’t it?

Now, I know this topic might seem really grim, but I will not be talking about the actual act of dying.

I want to talk about what death means, different ways of thinking about it as well as the afterlife and some new ideas that are emerging about what happens to our souls after we die.

Like I said, very exciting (at least for me, later on you’ll see why) and incredibly fascinating as we’ll be diving into them.

So, if you’re reading this right now stop and go make some popcorn, because this post is going to get interesting.


Past Lives

So yes, newsflash, I am a big believer in past lives.

I’ve changed my whole outlook on life since going full on woo-woo and the woo has made me a believer in the theory that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t my first time being on this planet.

Call it what you wish, but for me this theory has informed so much of my life.

I know I’ve heard account after account of people who had dealt with things that just didn’t have any root in their present lifetime and after being regressed, SO much shifted in their lives.

That was enough to make me a believer and in terms of the afterlife, I am just getting started.

It’s about to get juicy up in here.

But before it does, I will take a moment to actually talk about past lives, since I know I’ve really just scratched the surface when it comes to this section.

I’m a big believer in karma and in choosing your lifetimes.

So, let’s say you’re a soul.

Now think of the body almost like a projection of the soul, an animation if you will.

If you think of your lifetimes like playing Sims, as Jess Lively likes to put it, it would be sooo boring to just choose the same lifetime over and over.

You would want to learn, to grow and to experience all the facets of life.

Whether that be by being a different gender, sexuality or even being born in a different geographic location, one that was specifically chosen for what you wanted to experience this lifetime.

So in this way, if you are a believer in past lives, there’s really no other option but oneness.

You’ve been almost everyone and everything before, you’ve already had so many experiences, so it would literally be going against your soul to be judging or persecuting someone when you’ve likely been exactly where they’re standing right now.

I suspect that is part of the reason why these negative habits feel so bad, because it goes against our nature of oneness, both within ourselves and with the Universe.

Anyway, I believe that you chose this lifetime.

I believe that you wanted to grow, love, experience and simply live life and so you chose this lifetime for a reason.

You chose your parents, you chose your problems and you chose yourself because you knew that all of these factors, combined with your willingness, would lead to growth.

It leads you to expansion, much like our struggles in life lead to our biggest breakthroughs.

So that’s my take on past lives, you can decide for yourself how much of that you feel like resonates with you.

And if it doesn’t, gorgeous, the beautiful thing is you can research all of this for yourself and have your own experiences looking into all of this.

That’s ultimately the type of thing I want to happen with this series, is for you to gain more wisdom in your own path and grow yourself and your mindset around what’s possible when it comes to spirituality.


Divine Timing

I tend to think of life as one big message from the Divine.

You are simply an expression of universal love and I believe that there are definitely things in your life that are Divine in their timing.

Like death, for example.

I believe that is Divine.

When it comes to my own death, I know that the timing of it all is really up to the Universe.

It’s actually exactly where I need to be.

In fact, my whole life mantra is that at all times I am exactly where I need to be for my personal growth and expansion.

There isn’t anything in my life that isn’t workoutable for a higher good, most specifically my own highest good.

And it all comes back to love.

I am a being of love and the more align with my nature. the more I experience the flow of life right where I am standing. The more I actually align with my highest self.

I believe that from one lifetime to the next we come in with such high hopes and expectations and we really do deal the cards we’re dealt with, we choose them because we hope in our soul of souls that we will choose love every single time.

Of course these hopes are high and many of us fall short, which is to be expected, but even in a life that is seemingly off course in every way, there is always something to learn and grow from, much like when we make a mistake we have the opportunity to take a step back and think about what we can do to make it a better experience next time.

So yeah, I believe the Universe, in Her wild way, is at cause for some of the most magnificent and major shifts that occur in our lifetimes, as much as we ourselves can be at times.


Journey of Souls

So what happens when we do die?

Well, there are many interesting books on the topic, one of which being Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls.

Journey of Souls explores the afterlife through hypnosis regression patients redirected back to their past lives, the exact moment they’ve died and what happens after.

It’s a very interesting read, if you’re willing to indulge a little in the woo-woo, and it can be very enlightening for your soul as well.

It talks all about the afterlife, having guides and soul family and fully healing before you emerge into another life again, which I thought was very interesting.

I guess I’ve always had trouble with the concept of heaven and hell.

I always felt like I couldn’t watch people just be branded as sinful for the rest of eternity, given how short our lives are on this Earth, and part of me wondered if I would be classified that way and if I would really want to live in a heaven knowing there were people living in pain in an underworld below.

This particular belief system has been intriguing for me, and while I know that we could never know what actually happens once we die, it is a curious conundrum to explore further.

I like that in this particular exploration there is a system for souls to heal and there is this felt sense of love in the process.

But, like you, I can never really know and so all of this is simply a fun thing to explore for me, a way for me to remind myself to let go of expectations and embrace the mystery in life.

Perhaps you can view it that way too? Just a thought.



So, maybe you’re not as woo as I am.

Maybe all of this is a bit too much to unpack for you, given certain beliefs you hold around these topics.

That’s okay.

I didn’t create this series to convince you of anything.

I created it so that everyone could feel safe to share the beliefs that they hold dear and to hold space for the beliefs that are a bit more out-there than some spiritual circles would like to admit.

But that’s the thing.

The woo-woo and the religious aren’t bad and they also aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can be a Mystic and be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever religion you happen to identify with.

It’s okay to have questions.

It’s okay to look outside the pack and to explore beyond the boundaries that your church, mosque or teacher has layed out for you.

You can be a tangle of contradictions and you are still accepted here.

So bring your questions, bring your mess with spirituality, bring everything to the table and allow it to have a space here.

That’s how I started my journey and I hope that that is how you can start your own.

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