Connection: The One Thing You Want, The One Thing You Never Knew You Needed

Everyone wants to connect with someone else.

Everyone wants someone or something that just intrinsically understands them for who they are, sees them for all they are and accepts them, all of them, completely.

That is the essence of connection.

The secret is that the first place this has to come from is ourselves.

In fact, if it doesn’t come from ourselves, we have no chance of connecting to another authentically and openly.

It’s about giving ourselves the love, acceptance and compassion we so desperately want from others, because we cannot spend our lives searching earnestly for something that we haven’t even bothered to look for from within.

We think about wholeness as something that is equal to completion, but we are never complete.

Wholeness is embodiment.

It is connection from within, a connection that nourishes us, sustains us and brings us back to life when everything else seems lost.

Connection isn’t about looking to other people for answers.

It’s about going on a pilgrimage from within and finding the answers for ourselves, honoring those truths that live and breathe deep within our souls.

It is necessary for us to stop looking for the answers outside of ourselves and start to recognize that they live within us.


The mark of the divine, the truth we seek, is within.

Once we get quiet enough to hear our own soul, that’s when we can go out and start to connect wholeheartedly with the world.

That’s when we can start the conversations that have to be had, be the voice for the issues that matter to us, and live the life that we were too afraid to live before.

Wholeness is who we are already.

The secret that nobody wants to tell you is that you are already complete.

You don’t need a new car or a new partner or a new job to make you so.

All you need to do is realize that it’s already inside of you, that spark to create worlds, that intrinsically divine desire to light up the world with your magic, it lives within you for a reason.

You are living, breathing poetry.

You are love incarnate.

You are magic.

But in order to know these truths that live within you, you have to get quiet enough to listen.

You have to get connected with yourself and the divine to see that, however the divine may show itself to you and whatever the divine looks like to your heart.

You have to be willing to see yourself in a new light.

You have to be willing to pick up all of your broken pieces and love them all unconditionally, owning all of yourself as the unique masterpiece that you are.

This is love.

This is light.

This is connection.

With so much love, light and peace,


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