Why Sleep is so Important + Tips to Support Your Body During the Night

You've been hearing for months, perhaps even years, about how important sleep is and how you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Well, if you haven't already heard about it, I'm here to tell you about sleep too. Now, I could just tell you that you'll have more energy and that you'll be able to stay sane during a busy day if you get more sleep, etc., etc.

But I'm here to tell you about a little secret I recently found out about that is the primary reason to sleep, as well as tips and tricks that can help the insomniac inside of you finally call it quits.


Why is Sleep So Important?

All of the articles tell you that sleep is important because it helps you function and there is nothing wrong with that, although they are leaving out one very important fact about sleep: it is how you detox. I recently watched an interview with a colon therapist named Tracy Piper in which I learned this little secret and all about how it works.

If you were baffled by the fact that the words 'colon' and 'therapist' were next to each other, you aren't alone. Basically, these therapists use alternative medicine to clear toxins from your body, specifically your colon and intestinal tract. Tracy herself uses Chinese medicine techniques such as face mapping as well as talk therapy in her sessions.

Sleep is how you detox because your whole body spends time detoxing at different times of the night. The gallbladder detoxes from eleven to one, the liver from one to three, and the kidneys from three to five. So throughout the entire night, your body is ridding itself of toxins and preparing you to feel amazing in the morning.

You can also target where you are having problems in certain areas of your body by when you wake up in the middle of the night as well as when you fall asleep (ex. if you wake up every night from one to three, you are likely having liver problems).


Ways to Support Your Body During Detox

Now that I've given you this information, you're probably wondering, "But what can I do to help my body during detox?" Well, here are a few ways that you can do this:

  • Sleep at Ten: Whether you are awake or not, the body detoxes every night at the exact same times, although it is easier if you are asleep before those times begin. The optimal times are, of course, before eleven. Tracy recommends starting to go to bed around ten and falling asleep around ten thirty. If you are a night owl, I think I would start with thirty minutes before the usual time you sleep and go from there.
  • Check in with Your Body: If you are having problems, or if you notice that you wake up like clockwork at one of the times listed above, it may be time to either visit a doctor or try to go a natural route. Dandelion tea is a great drink for detoxing the liver, as well as foods such as broccoli, apples and avocados. 
  • Abstain from Caffeine, Smoking, and Alcohol: I know that this might be a jump for you, which is okay. You don't have to quit, and if you do want to then you can start slowly, but it is highly recommended. I personally do not drink caffeine, and I'm too young to smoke or drink alcohol, although I plan on doing neither. All of these substances are harmful to your overall health, and just contribute to more toxins, meaning your body has to work harder to detox. If you quit, not only are you making less work for your body, but if you are an insomniac, you may also be making a better night's sleep for yourself.
  • Prioritize a Good Night's Sleep: If there is nothing else you take from this post, let it be this lesson. Sleep is important, and the hullabaloo is actually worthy of your time. For yourself as well as your body, try to get a good night's sleep regularly, because it will help you to be healthy and happy in the long run. 

I hope this post was informative to you about how your body supports you during the night, and I hope that you give your body some love by giving it rest. Everybody needs sleep, and at the end of the day, it really is important for your overall health. I'm wishing you an amazing night's sleep and an awesome Tuesday!

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