Emotional Mindset Shifts That Lead You To Success

Success is an illusion.

We often chase it as an outcome, as if we can achieve success when we follow a certain plan or when we do something 'right'.

But have you ever considered that you are successful already?

That maybe success isn't as far from you as you think it is?

So, I know this title can seem deceiving, as I made it seem like to achieve success you must shift your mindset.

But honestly, these mindset shifts are less about leading you to success and more about leading you to the realization that you are in fact already successful, and the things that you are not yet 'successful' at are just things that have yet to show up in your life.

So how do you shift into your innate success? It's all about your perception.


The Illusion of Success

You tend to chase success. We all do.

It seems like it is an outcome we must bring to fruition through our actions, but in reality it is just something we already are, it's a shift that we must make to realize that and it changes everything.

Think about the reward of success.

If you are successful, it often is accompanied by the thought that you are a success.

But what if, instead of waiting for you to do something you deem successful to feel like a success, you embrace the reality that you already are a success?

What if you didn't need to do anything to be a success, you just already are, it is in your blood and you just innately are a success?

It may not feel that way now, and you may be already looking for evidence as you're reading this that you are not successful.

Well, I didn't get that job.

Well, I didn't finish my book.

Well, I just don't know if I can succeed.

You are successful every day.

You woke up today, you metabolized, you ate breakfast, you took a few deep breaths (if not, just take them now), you're reading this blog post to uplevel your mindset.

You are successful because every day you are making progress towards what you want in life.

At times it may feel like you're taking a step backwards, but in reality you are just getting ready for a leap.

For every time you take a step backwards, you take three steps forwards by realizing what you don't want (AKA going backwards gives you clarity) and letting it launch you into more of what you do want.

You are always upleveling, always evolving and always receiving opportunities to launch yourself into what you want.

It's up to you to take them, and while you may not take all of them all of the time, you are at the very least taking some of them all of the time.

If you don't believe me just think about something you want in your life.

You are taking the opportunity to invite it into your life, therefore you are making progress just by choosing it.

Your journey to 'success' may not be a straight line, it may take many detours, but that is not to say that you are not moving towards it.

That just means that you are embracing all the facets of your journey.


Emotional Mindset Shifts That Help You Tune In To The Vibration of Success

In order to invite things into your life, you have to observe the feeling you want to have when they come into your existence.

How do you want to feel when that thing arrives?

Maybe it's satisfaction that you are working out three times a week, or worthiness of love when you come into that beautiful relationship, or even freedom once you reach that level of income.

But what if, instead of waiting for that thing to come for you to feel that feeling, you just felt it now and watched the thing come to fruition through that?

Let's say you want a relationship to remind you that you are worthy of love.

But let's say you decided to work on your self-love and you felt worthy of love just from that, instead of waiting for the partner to make you feel that way.

Well, once you work on that, you start to make decisions from that place and eventually you decide to go on a date with a person who respects you and turns out to be the exact person you want in your life, but you no longer need them to make you feel worthy of love, so you just get to enjoy the relationship unfold as it is instead of having to control or hold on to anything that you shouldn't because you want to feel worthy of love.

You also are letting go of the people and situations that you used to hold on to in order to feel worthy of love, because you no longer require them to feel worthy of love and you realize that they were actually unhealthy for you in the process.

In other words, you have upleveled to a place in your life where you have transcended the limiting belief that somebody needs to love you for you to be worthy of love and begun to live from the place of feeling and embodying being worthy of love.

So what does this demonstrate?

Instead of waiting for the thing to make you feel a certain way, feel that now and watch it float into your existence because you've already reached the place where you have it, because you believe that if you have it you will feel 'x', and by feeling 'x' already, you step into the place where it has already arrived.

In this example, I didn't go into much of the emotional mindset work that went into that shift, so how do we actually step into success through our emotions and mindset first and let the rest follow?

Well, here are a few emotional mindset shifts you can make to tune into your success on the daily:


Practice The Feeling of Success

How do you want to feel when you get the 'thing'?

Great! Feel that way now.

Feel how you want to feel first and the thing will follow, naturally because you have already achieved your desired result, the 'thing' was just the catalyst for the feeling you want.

So how do you feel that way first?

There are so many ways to do this, but here's a few I love:

  • Visualization-Visualize if you already had the 'thing' and really feel into how your body would feel, which emotions it would bring up in you, how you would live life differently and how you would show up differently. Let this experience of visualization catapult you into the feeling and hold onto it throughout your day, tuning into it already being yours instead of tuning into its lack. Imagine you live in that reality already, and just for a little while, pretend that you do and see how you live your life differently.
  • Find Other Ways To Feel It-Let's say you want to make five figures per month, and you would feel freedom if you did that. Well, freedom isn't only felt when making five figures, that is only one way to access that feeling. So instead of waiting for five figures, what could you do now to feel freedom already? Do that thing and bask in that feeling, just soak it in and allow yourself to feel it fully. Hold onto it and carry it throughout your day.
  • Play A Game-Make it fun to let this journey of success unfold. If you don't have a fun time on the way, how do you expect to have a fun time when it's here? So make it like a game. You want something in life, so make it fun and enjoy the journey. Think of it as a game, you are wanting something and on your way to it and you get to be on the path towards it, enjoy each step towards it even if you can't necessarily see the next step ahead of you. Let's say you want to have five figure months and you're making two figures now, well each month you are working to increase your wealth. How much fun is it to think about that? Not to mention the excitement of hitting 4 figures and 5 figures, then eventually 6 figures, and by the time you reach that milestone you've already have had so much fun it just feels effortless to reach it.

Notice Your Success on A Daily Basis

You are always successful.

There's always something you can celebrate when it comes to your success.

What have you done today?

Did you show up to work? Eat regular meals, stay hydrated? Decided to be mindful at work?

Heads up, you are a successful person and you're constantly moving towards a more mindful, healthy life.

I know that showing up to work and eating regularly seems mundane and that it is expected of you, but you do have a choice every day to show up how you do, and the fact that you do each day is something to celebrate.

Let this be fuel to you to step into your highest self.

She celebrates her wins and allows them to catapult her into the experience she wants in life.

Choose to show up as her today, choose to shift into her mindset and celebrate your wins instead of spending time thinking you aren't successful or where you want to be, 'cause girl, that ain't no way to get to where you want to be.


Believe That Your Success is Inevitable

I confess, I stole this from Manifestation Babe, but it is one of the most empowering beliefs that I felt I just had to share with you.

Kathrin Zenkina, self-made millionaire and founder of Manifestation Babe, is always asked how she got to where she is now and she always replies that she believed that her success was inevitable and operated from that place.

In other words, she shifted on an identity level to her being naturally successful instead of doubting herself (not that she's perfect, but she didn't let that stop her), shifted her perception of success, and let that fuel her to be where she already wanted to be, then letting the outward success of profit and clients follow.

It may seem crazy to expect success, but in truth you are already successful.

Your success is in fact inevitable, you just get to decide what you are successful at by choosing your focus and how you want to progress in life.

You've already chosen how you want to progress in life by choosing your goals.

Want to go to the gym more often? Great! You're looking to progress to better health.

Want to make more money? Great! You want to progress to a better career experience.

Want to feel happier? Great! You want to progress to be aligned with your highest self.

You are always making progress, your success is inevitable, you just may shift your focus sometimes to the things you don't want in life rather than the things you do.

If you're doubting yourself, you are successful at focusing on what could go wrong or why you aren't qualified.

If you are stuck in a job you hate, you are successful at allowing yourself to show up feeling bad about yourself and your job and let that stop you from choosing something different.

If you are hating your body, you are successful at looking at what is 'wrong' with your body based on flawed perceptions of society and living for the approval of others instead of looking for what you love about your body and defining your own perception of beauty.

You choose what you are successful at, but you never fail.

In all of these examples there is a learning opportunity.

For the doubter, that you are more powerful than you believe and your authentic self is a gift.

For the career woman who hates her job, that there are skills and people here to help you learn more about yourself and the love that surrounds you and to learn the type of career you actually do want.

For the woman who hates her body, the magical reality of beauty and self love and the beauty in that journey.

There is always an opportunity to come back to truth, to love, and to take that opportunity is to progress, and to progress is to live out your innate identity of being successful because you are evolving, growing and learning to become the person you want to be.

Know that you will always be successful, but that the true magic comes in choosing what you want to make progress toward in every moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you shift your perceptions of success! You are always successful and you are so capable of living the life you want! Shift into the version of you that you want to become and watch the rest follow!

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Have a beautiful day, lovely!