The Real Cause of Your Acne

Acne happens to everyone. And if you’re reading this post it has likely happened to you. 

Now before you close this tab, this isn’t a skincare post. I’m not going to give you a list of creams that will magically clear your skin. Because that isn’t what your acne is about. 

As a culture, we’ve become accustomed to treating acne on the surface through spot treatments, meanwhile we are actively ignoring what our acne is trying to tell us. 


What is your acne trying to tell you? 

What if I said that you could have clear skin without creams or daily skin treatments? What if I said that acne could be cured with a simple lifestyle change? 

Well, it can be. But first you have to start listening to your body.  

Your acne is like a code, and your face is a message telling you where you may be starting to have problems in your body. It tells you where you need to detox and where your body needs support. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed a unique guide to crack the code of your acne so that you can support your body’s health. It’s called face mapping.


Face Mapping 101

Face Mapping is a way to understand your body and where you need to focus in your diet. It tells you exactly which organs in the body need support, giving you answers to any physical ailments you may have been experiencing.

Once you figure out where your problems lie, one of the best ways to support those areas is through the diet. Changing your diet to incorporate certain supportive foods is a simple lifestyle change that will pay off in many ways, including better health and clear skin. 

Here are a few common areas: 

  • Liver-Leafy greens and fermented foods are the liver’s best friends. You’ll want to include these in at least one meal a day for optimal support.
  • Hormonal-First of all, if you have any hormonal problems, I highly suggest checking out this post for an amazing resource to help you keep your hormones at bay. As I have hormonal problems myself, I know that cutting out dairy and especially soy can be beneficial in aiding your body to a place of balance.
  • Heart-Legumes as well as nuts and seeds are great for the heart. They say that a handful of walnuts a day can improve your health immensely. Consequently, many heart healthy foods are also beneficial for the liver.

BONUS Time! 

You’re probably wondering what your own acne means by now. Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’ve made a face map that you can use to interpret your own acne and crack the code to your body.

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Thanks for joining me today! I hope that this post served you and you were able to learn more about your acne through reading it.

Have an amazing Tuesday and I’ll see you Friday!