4 Ways to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

By the time March has ended, the first quarter of the year, you may have given up on your New Year’s resolutions, and you might be ready for a reset. The holiday season is long gone, and now you are ready to upgrade your current routine. 

I wanted to share a few programs and opportunities I’ve found that will do just that and leave you feeling good for the next quarter that approaches. A few are programs I’ve personally tried, some are opportunities that I’ve heard about from trusted people in the health world, but they all share one thing in common: they uplevel your wellness and promote growth in your mind, body and spirit.

So, here are a few things that I’ve found and tried that can make you happier and more while in the process: 


Habits For Wellness

I shared my personal experience with this program here, but it’s designed by amazing wellness blogger and spiritual mindset coach, Kimberley Wenya. When you learn more about Kimberley and what she’s all about, you can’t help but feel things wonderful energy of positivity surrounding her work as well as her personality. She’s truly a gem, out to help people live lives they love, which I can’t help but be all about. 

Her program is a 21-Day challenge, which she refers to as a wellness reboot, and who couldn’t help but want a reboot after finishing the first quarter of 2018, right?  

This challenge focuses on priming your mindset for success and slowly building healthy habits so that you can be your best self. After going through the program, I felt rejuvenated and reset, more positive for the days ahead. If you want to check out the challenge and learn how it can help you to become a better version of yourself then click here to check it out.  


Healthstyle Emporium 

A friend of mine on Facebook, Beau Rutten, told me about the Healthstyle Emporium of which she is a part and I absolutely loved what I saw. You’ve heard me talk about Chani Carruso on the blog before and she is the creator of the Healthstyle Emporium. It’s a nutrition, health and life coaching program designed to uplevel your well-being and get you to a place of joy in your body and in your life.

I’ve been friends with Beau for a while now, and she is truly a joy to know. If you sign up here , she could be your coach. If you are interested in learning more about the program, click here to watch a video about it. 



I heard about this challenge through VeggieKins, a vegan health and lifestyle blogger. For this challenge, you commit to going vegan for a week, and the program provides you with recipes and more for you to get into the lifestyle. It’s completely free, so if you’ve felt like you want to try the vegan lifestyle but you aren’t sure where to start, this is the challenge for you.

Click here to take the pledge and start the challenge. 


Simply Real Life

One of my favorite health bloggers, Simply Real Health, just launched this program. It’s all about having a healthy relationship with food, making it fun and easy. You’ll learn how to be healthy the easy way, through real food  instead of dieting. It’s a great addition to my ebook on intuitive eating, as it helps you have a positive relationship with food and reframe your mindset to see food as a tool for your growth instead of an enemy to be reckoned with.

Click here to get all the deets on the program. It closes April 4th, so if you’re going to check it out, be sure to do so soon.

I hope these programs serve you if you choose to enroll in them! If there’s a program that you would love to share, be sure to drop a comment telling us all about it!

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday! Sending you love and light!