The Wellbeing Apps You Need to Try

One of the greatest things about living in this century is the fact that we have access to so much technology. So many things are possible because of this privilege we have, and it's important that we take advantage of it. 

Our phones are often one of the places we go to zone out instead of connect to the world or ourselves. But what if we could utilize this resource for our health and wellbeing? What if our phones could transform from a place we go to disconnect from everything to a safe haven for us to return back to? 

Well, now we have apps that can do just that. Here are a few to help you on your wellness journey: 



I first found out about this app due to Gabrielle Bernstein. She swears by it as a holistic approach to wellness: mind, body and spirit.  

Obviously, I knew that I had to check this app out. 

Created by Deepack Chopra, JIYO contains guided meditations, articles and resources developed by wellness experts to help you feel your best and most whole. Although I'm usually not an advocate for notifications, this app is different. 

Throughout the day, JIYO helps users connect back to the intention that made them get the app in the first place: total wellbeing, by reminding them of healthy options throughout the day. I find that this helps me stay on track and make sure that I am doing the best for myself. 

Price: Free

Where to Find: IOS/Android/Web



I heard about Steps when it first came out and was instantly pulled in by the design (typical). It is an app for social anxiety, and although I don't tend to have social anxiety (it often comes in different forms), I decided to check it out. 

I would say that this app is for everyone, because it really pushes you out of your social bubble. However, if you do have social anxiety this is the app for you.

As in the name, the app gives you steps, more like tasks, to perform that are at different levels of difficulty. One example is cold emailing someone, another is arriving late to something. Basically, you are working to dismantle the fear of certain situations and their social outcomes.  

The best part, in my opinion, is that when you do the task you get an unlimited amount of confetti appear on the screen. I think this part of the design is brilliant, because there's no pressure to do the task but if you do happen to perform the task you get positive feedback and encouragement. 

This just makes for a beautiful user experience and an even better life.

Price: Free

Where to Find: IOS


Meditation Studio 

I've had a lot of meditation apps in my life. I have meditated on and off now for years and there are so many apps that I could recommend, but this one is my favorite. 

Meditation Studio is full of meditations for all different categories, two of which are popular with me: pain management and stress. It's sort of like Headspace, which is great too but with a broader selection. You do have to pay for this app, but I like that there are no hidden fees.

You get what you paid for and more. I normally don't like paid apps because of the fact that it often has other fees and you don't get as much content, but this app delivers in more ways than one with design, content and especially benefits of meditation. 

Price: $3.99

Where to Find: IOS/Android


These are the three apps that I use most for my personal wellbeing. I hope you gals enjoyed learning about all the apps that are out there.

If you would like me to do other posts like this one you can comment with any requests or ideas below or hit me up on my socials. If there are any apps you love for wellbeing, don't hesitate to comment below because I love hearing from you! 

Thanks for being here! Have a beautiful day, lovelies!  

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