#WomenofWellness 001

I decided to talk today about the women who have inspired me along my journey of wellness.

This is a women’s health blog, after all, so I wanted to celebrate girl power. Of course, I do talk about general wellness on the blog, so guys are always welcome!

These women are changing the game of wellness. They are innovators, creators, and visionaries. They’ve nurtured my interest in wellness, and led me to start this blog.

Here are the women who have served as inspirations to me and helped me along my own journey:


#1: Lee Tilghman

Lee Tilghman, or as she is more commonly known Lee From America, is a recipe developer living in Los Angeles. She has served as a huge inspiration to me, particularly in her openness about PCOS, which is why when I was diagnosed I didn’t freak out, because I knew that there was another way. I had hope, through seeing her symptoms in remission, and I have so much gratitude for her for giving me that opportunity. 

Through her work, she has been able to be vocal about issues like PCOS and help many women realize that there is hope for putting your symptoms in remission. Not to mention the fact that her feed looks delicious, and her recipes make healthy eating look like a breeze. She has inspired me in more ways than one, and for that I am so grateful! 


#2: Alison Wu

I found out about Alison through following Lee, as you may have read in this post. Alison, like Lee, got me into the nutritional aspect of wellness. Her recipes look so delicious, and her feed is full of colorful dishes that are organic, healthy and simple. 

Like Lee, Alison is a woman who I admire and she’s shown me how to have a balanced lifestyle. I’m sixteen years old, and even though I’m not that far from being a ‘grown up’, I still wonder what adulting will be like. These women have shown me what I want out of life, and how I’d like to live when I am on my own. It might seem stupid or trivial, but for me it inspires me to dream. 


#3: Morgan Day Cecil

Morgan was a true blessing when I found her profile on YouTube about two years ago. Her content came at a time in my life when I needed to be reminded to be open minded. She was a Christian yoga teacher and is now a feminine wholeness coach, teaching on everything from relationships to the sacred feminine. 

Her message taught me the importance of being myself, and learning to love the feminine. She was really one of the first people I had found on the internet who seemed to be living her life healthily, authentically and abundantly. This sparked my interest in holistic wellness and learning to live fully embodied within myself. I have so much to thank her for. She is a woman living fully embodied in her wholeness and wellness, and I think that the developments she’s made in her career are revolutionary in how they help women. I’m so excited to see the ways in which her work will help and impact more women in the future.


#4: Aileen Xu (aka Lavendaire)

If you are into lifestyle, wellness or personal growth you have probably heard of Lavendaire. She is a lifestyle and wellness vlogger who I’ve followed for what feels like years now. In actuality, it may only be a year. But I’ve learned so much from her in that short span of time about inner health as well as entrepreneurship. 

If I had to attribute one person to my interest in creating a wellness blog, it would probably be Lavendaire. She’s a creative genius, and her content is so packed with value. She was one of the first wellness YouTubers and she’s helped so many people through her channel to know the importance of inner work as well as where to start. For me, she’s served as an inspiration as well as a guide. Her videos serve as a positive force in the world, and they help me see all that I can offer as well as all I can accomplish. 


#5: Ingrid Nilsen

I know that Ingrid may not seem like she’s a wellness guru. She is a beauty and fashion YouTuber, but I feel that it’s important to mention Ingrid because of her commitment to authenticity. She’s one of my role models. I was so moved by her coming-out video in 2015, and how much courage it took to post. 

Her philosophy of life, and her commitment to living her truth, has impacted my life greatly and led me to do more self-discovery. She inspires me to be the woman I was meant to be, and guides me in how to be a woman in the world. Speaking out about feminism, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, she uses her platform to talk about social justice. Just like Alison and Lee, she serves as an inspiration for how I want to live my life when I’m on my own, and how to continually be true to myself.

Alright, those are five amazing women! If you’re interested in their work, give them a follow on social media. 

I hope this post serves you, and I hope that you enjoyed learning about these beautiful women! Tell me below which women have served as inspirations in your own life. 

Thanks for being here and have an amazing day!