Women of Wellness #002-Emerging Fempreneurs Working to Make Wellness Mainstream

*This post may contain affiliate links, but these are all products/services I highly recommend. I will not put anything in this post that I don’t believe in, don’t agree with and/or haven’t personally used. 

Women of wellness is back, ladies! We are celebrating the women pioneering in the field of health and wellness. Today, I’d like to talk to you about some inspiring, beautiful, up and coming women in wellness.

Some of these ladies you may have heard of, and others may be new names to explore. 

So, let’s get into it! Here are the pioneers, the game changers and the dreamers: 


Kimberley Wenya

Australian collegiate studying osteopathy, Kimberley Wenya is an up and coming wellness blogger. She’s been particularly inspiring to my own journey, as she’s an expert in all things wellness and a woman I am proud to call colleague in the blogging industry.

On her blog, Kimberley shares her expert wellness tips in blog posts, as well as fabulous freebies in her bo-chic resource library. But one of my favorite parts of her website is one of her ebooks, called Habits for Wellness. I’m currently in the middle of doing this 21 day challenge, and I have to say that it’s been especially life-giving to my new year and my wellness practice.

If you’re interested in her blog or her bo-chic wellness library, check out her website here. Also, if you’re looking for some inspiration in your Instagram feed, you can find her here.


Rebecca Campbell

Author, speaker, and spiritual guru, Rebecca Campbell has served as a major influence in my own spiritual journey. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon her book, Light is the New Black, and it just happened to contain the answers to all my questions. 

The past six months have been transformative for my faith. I’ve questioned the meaning of life, God, you name it. 

Finding Rebecca Campbell was truly a gift. 

Aside from being a spiritual guru, Rebecca Campbell is truly a game changer. Traveling around the world, she has one mission: to wake up this generation to their soul purpose and lead them to live a love-filled, light-enfused life. She is the definition of a lightworker, and her book was exactly what I needed to guide me on my spiritual journey.

If you feel like you need some guidance or are spiritually curious, think about picking up her book here. Check out her website here


Michaela aka Wildly Kale 

Holistic health coach and matcha enthusiast, Michaela is a health nut who sports an enticing Instagram feed (hello smoothie bowls, delicious #matchagrams, and beautiful flatlays). She recently graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and is currently in the middle of creating a website. 

If you’d like some #healthinspo in your Instagram feed or you want to keep tabs on the Wildly Kale website (coming soon!), be sure to follow her here.


Simply Real Health

If there is one brand I have secretly been fangirling over, it has to be this one.  Sarah is a holistic health coach, believes in real food made simple and dare I say, queen of balance. She’s been such an inspiration as she documents her healthy lifestyle, her Instagram a pristine image of a life well lived (and eaten).

Though being a recipe developer and holistic health coach, she still maintains balance, being perfectly able and happy to indulge. When your food becomes a prison, that’s when you know you need a change. And Sarah listens to her body, she makes sure that she is practicing balance within her own life, and in that way is able to better coach her own clients through her health coaching services.  

But don’t just listen to me, let her cookbook speak for itself. Find it here. Also, visit her website here. Again, more #healthinspo can be found on her Instagram feed.

Alright, that’s my roundup for today. I hope you enjoyed learning about these beautiful women and found some #healthinspo in the process!

Leave a comment below with some women that have been influential for your own health journey, and I might just include them in my next monthly roundup.

I hope that this post served you! Have a lovely Friday!