Women of Wellness #003-Simple Living Ladies Making A Healthy Lifestyle Easy

Welcome to another edition of #WomenofWellness, this month we are focusing on women who are making healthy living simple and easy.

These are the ladies at the forefront of health and wellness, making it accessible to people who don’t think they have the time for wellness or don’t know how to make meal planning easy. 

Their work is inspiring and helps spread the mindset that healthy doesn’t have to hard.  


The Bold Brunette

Raleigh-based collegiate blogger, The Bold Brunette is insightful and all about that minimalism. In her posts, you’ll find everything from how to budget as a minimalist (one of my favorite posts!) to how to start a capsule wardrobe to making your Friday nights more fulfilling. Believe me, if it’s simplicity you’re after, this girl will help you minimalize your life and your stress so you can reach your highest potential.

If you’re interested in minimalism and living a life you love, be sure to check out The Bold Brunette’s blog here and her insta right here


Om and The City

If there’s one thing I love that I’ve found in February, it’s Om and the City. Jules Hunt is a health and wellness blogger, master yogi and meditation guru. So it’s no wonder that I’ve been obsessed with her brand ever since I found her. With Jules, it’s easy to feel like healthy living is a breeze. She makes waste-free living, meal planning and yoga look simple, easy and most of all, fun. 

It’s always a treat to see someone who is passionate about what they do, and Jules just has this energy about her that is contagious. If you love all things wellness and you want some inspiration, or you want to uplevel your life and need a role model, Jules is the one for you. 

Check out her blog here and follow her on Instagram



Another foodie and yogi that I found through Jules’ Instagram is Veggiekins. Remy is a health and wellness vlogger who has added inspiration, beauty and joy to my life through her work. Again, with Jules and Remy healthy living is made simple and easy.

With Veggiekins, you are able to see more of the nitty-gritty of a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram is the vegan foodie's dream, and her YouTube channel won’t disappoint. If you are looking for inspiration for healthy living and believe it doesn’t have to be hard to be healthy, be sure to check out Veggiekins here and follow her instragram for even more tips and insights.


Simply + Fiercely

Last, but certainly not least, we have Simply + Fiercely. I’ve been following this blog for a while, and it’s been so inspiring and life-giving to see it grow. Simply + Fiercely is dedicated to bringing you top tips on how to simplify and minimize your life so you can get back to living a life you love. From life advice to advice on how to be a minimalist mom, this blog has got it all.

Click here to check out the Simply + Fiercely blog, and here to check out her Pinterest.  

That’s our roundup for today! I hope you enjoyed this rare Sunday post, I felt like it was the best day to reflect on the month and talk about some beautiful women of wellness. 

I hope this post inspired and served you! Have a lovely Sunday and see you Tuesday with a brand new post! (Also, be on the lookout for something exciting that I’ll be launching this week!) 

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