Women of Wellness #004: The Foodies We Can’t Stop Talking About

Its the end of March already, can you believe it? So you know what it’s time for: another #womenofwellness! 

Today, in honor of my ebook launching a couple weeks ago and in honor of food itself, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite foodies with you. These foodies bring you perfection on a plate, and their energy around food is contagious! I chose these foodies because their energy really brings this atmosphere of positivity to food in a way that I think helps people have a better relationship with it, which is a big part of intuitive eating. 

Without ado, here are some of my favorite foodies from around the web: 



I’m not even ashamed to say I’ve been obsessed with this account ever since I found it. The food is absolutely gorgeous and Tayler is such a beautiful soul! From homemade baked oatmeal to matcha waffles, her feed never disappoints.

Not to mention Tay’s personality, in which you’ll often see her dancing in her stories or sharing tutorials for her recipes. If you're looking for a collegiate foodie who inspires, enlightens and promotes all of that fun energy in life, then look no further than Clean Eats By Tay.


Well & Vibrant

Swedish food photographer and wellness blogger, Sonja Dahlgren is obsessed with healthy, vibrant foods that make your body feel good.

Aside from a drool-worthy Instagram feed, Dahlgren has a passion for food that is contagious and it shows in her recipes. From pink pitaya bliss balls to gluten free sorghum bread, she's got everything you'll ever crave in a healthy, accessible recipe.

She also shares her journey with hormonal imbalance on Instagram and tracks her journey on her blog, which is something I am all about! Being diagnosed with fibroids, she openly shares her journey with healing this imbalance through nutrition and Alisa Vitti's Cycle Syncing method (more on that here).

So, if you are interested in the effect of nutrition on hormones or you just want some yummy bliss balls recipes, be sure to check out Well & Vibrant on Instagram and Dahlgren's blog here.


Lauren is a naturopathic medical student, sharing her journey with food as a student and her recipes, based off of functional medicine, on Instagram.

You'll notice there's a pattern of #droolworthy foodie posts in this list, and Lauren is no exception. in her feed, you'll find recipes for healthy sweets and nourishing salads, many infused with collagen and turmeric for an extra boost of wellbeing.

If you're interested in the day to day life of a naturopathic medicine student or you just want to add more foodie inspiration to your feed. Lauren is the one to follow. Click here to check out her Instagram. 


Simply Quinoa

Alyssa Rimmer is a holistic nutritionist and plant-based food blogger based in New York, who believes that healthy doesn't have to be hectic. On her blog and Instagram, she shares recipes infused with superfoods and with the star ingredient of, you guessed it, quinoa. 

Raspberry oatmeal bars, orange cardamom sugar cookies, and chickpea lettuce wraps are among a host of recipes on her blog and her Insta. So if you want to try out an exotic, new recipe or you want inspiration for a healthy, simple lifestyle, Simply Quinoa has got your back. 

Check out her blog here and her Instagram here.



Miriam is a vegan health blogger based in Norway, sharing her journey along with gorgeous recipes on Instagram. A certified vegan food enthusiast, she shares her journey with the vegan lifestyle as well as her love for good, whole food. Think green matcha waffles and blueberry pie baked oatmeal, these yummy recipes and more are all on her blog. 

If you want to check out her website click here, and to be enchanted by her Instagram feed click here.

Alright, that's it for today! I hope you were inspired by those wonderful foodies, I know I love me a good drool-worthy feed!

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Have a beautiful day lovelies!