You Are Sacred + An Embodiment Practice For You

Recently I had an eye-opening experience during meditation of oneness.

Oneness with myself.

Oneness with the world.

It was incredibly powerful, and while I am not quite ready to share the details of that experience with you yet, I wanted to share part of that profound experience today in one simple truth:

You are sacred.

This truth is still something that really hit home for me, because as I am currently working on self-love and self-worth, it’s something that truly means so much to me to know and feel deep inside my bones.

As women, there are so many ways that we relate to the world through a place of feeling like we have to prove our worth or feeling not enough, but what if we already knew we were enough?

What if we related to the world through the lens of knowing that all parts of us were sacred, beautiful and worthy of all of our love and acceptance?

When I had this experience, it really became something that I started to embody.

I have spent a considerable amount of my spiritual journey, I realized, looking for wholeness where it already was.

I was already whole, I was already enough, I just hadn’t allowed myself to feel that until now.

And now that I ‘know’ (because deep inside I already knew), I can accept all parts of myself, I can embody my wholeness with powerful presence and uncover the inner playfulness, boldness and loveliness of my being with true love and acceptance.

So today I wanted to propose a new narrative.

A new narrative for us as women, for humanity as sacred beings, and for us as people to recognize our inherent worth and wholeness within.

It’s a new story for us all that I hope can meet you wherever you are on your journey, provide you hope and confidence, and lift you so you can see the beauty of life and the beauty of you in this life. I hope this serves you:


You Are Sacred

You are sacred.

Every part of belongs.

The things you love, the things you roll your eyes at, the things that you get down on yourself about, they all belong. 

They all have a place in you and since you are a beautiful mixture of mystery, beauty and multifaceted Light, it all belongs. 

If you feel broken it is only because you are broken wide open and the fragments only make for more reflection of the Light which you are. 

You are a vessel of love, a masterpiece and a work in progress wrapped up in one beautiful human being. 

Every part of you belongs. 

Every part of you is good. 

Every part of you deserves love, devotion and compassion. 

You are holy. 

You are sacred. 

You are a divine expression of love and you are so so worthy of people, connections  and life experiences that reflect that.

When the waters get rough, remember your worth. 

Remember you are loved. 

Remember you are whole. 

Remember you are enough. 

And most of all, remember that everything you seek is already within you and give yourself permission to feel that Wholeness today.

As an embodiment practice, I want you to put your hand on your heart and repeat this narrative to yourself. You can do this out loud or in your head, bonus points if you do it in front of the mirror.  Take time to slow down and feel it in your bones, let this truth sink in deep.

I send you so much love today, thank you for reading and I hope it serves you. 

See you soon beautiful!