Spiritual mentoring

Hello gorgeous!

If you’ve landed on this page, I know it’s for a reason.

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you don’t have the direction you need in life.

Maybe you’ve been wondering if there really is more out there for you.

More connection. More love. More peace.

Well girl, I’m here to tell you that there is.

In fact, I’m living proof.

I’ve been a woo-woo spiritual girl for a while now, and even back in the days when I was a Christian, I couldn’t get enough of this idea of God, of some supreme, loving spiritual being that was FOR us, FOR our highest good and wellbeing.

Today I call Her the Universe.

But I’ve been a Mystic for years, exploring my own notions of divine love and support, wanting to share my own reflections and journey with the world.

Today I get to do this through my blog, but there was a time when I wasn’t as connected as I wanted to be.

There was a time when I wondered if I could really trust this great big Universe to support me.

There was a time when I felt disconnected, out of sync with the divine, and confused as to where I should go.

There was a time where I felt like I had to know every outcome in order to feel safe.

We all have those moments and I still have moments where I have to be reminded that I am guided, supported, and loved beyond measure.

But those moments are much more rare for me now than they were in the past, and I know that every time I have something stressful pop up in my life, something so overwhelming that it is bigger than I can handle, I have a support system to fall back on.

I remember that I am supported, I co-create my life with the Universe.

I remember that the Universe works FOR me, FOR my highest good.

I know how to CONNECT, I know how to fall back into that trust and peace that surrounds me at every moment.

There will always be things popping up in life that get you out of connection, but the key is that you know how to reconnect.

It isn’t about being perfect, as Gabby Bernstein says, it’s about comeback rate.

It’s about realizing that yes, you will have moments where you’re overwhelmed and that’s OKAY!

But you know how to reconnect.

You know how to get back to that trust, even if it takes you a little while.

You realize that every moment has disconnection is actually just an invitation to dive deeper into love.

You know how to connect with your guides, with your intuition, and most of all with the peace within YOURSELF.

The more you walk the path, the more you begin to learn that everything you need for peace is already within you, gorgeous!

That’s what I’m here for, that’s what I will lead you back to, because it’s ultimately your connection within that determines how you live and breathe in the outside world.

If you're ready to uplevel, if you’re ready for transformation, if you’re ready to live a life where you KNOW you’re supported, guided and loved, I invite you to book a session with me below.

I’m sending so much love your way, gorgeous and I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Do you have specific coaching programs?

At the moment, I offer coaching on a session-by-session basis. This means that you can book me however often you feel you need and create a coaching schedule that works for you. In the future, I hope to offer targeted programs and group coaching, but for now I am looking to work with girls ready to uplevel on their own schedule, according to their individual needs and intentions. Book as many sessions as you like, when you feel called, and we’ll begin working together on your personal transformation.

What’s included in each session?

Each session will be tailored towards your specific needs and intentions for your spiritual life path, but here are a few things you can expect from me:

  • Tools to connect with your spiritual guides, intuition and higher self

  • Intuitive guidance tailored specifically to you and your life path

  • Unlimited email/messenger access to me during our time together (whatever works best for you, girl!)

  • And so much more!

It all really comes down to your needs and your vision for your life, girl! That’s what I’m here for, to encourage you and to guide you back inward, so each session will be tailored to your specific path. But in every session, you can expect that I will bring all the positive, loving, empowering vibes to help you uplevel into your best self and live the life you truly desire.

How much do you charge per session?

I get it girl! You’re ballin’ on a budget and I want to support you in the best way I can while also remaining affordable for you. Each session with me costs $88 and you can book your sessions as often as you like, so there’s complete flexibility for you!

How Long is Each Session?

Each session will be about an hour long. I know you girl and I know you’re busy, living that full life of yours, so I try my best to respect your time by keeping our sessions close to an hour long.

Great! So How Do I Get Started?

Just click the button below to get started girl! I’ll ask you a few questions, just to see how I can best support you as your coach and then we can book your first session. I’m so excited to speak with you, gorgeous!