join me live For The February energy Masterclass 

This month’s masterclass is all about ENERGY! We’ll be diving into the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and how they can best serve us on our journeys. We will also cover balancing your masculine and feminine so that you will be able to live from a place of aligned energy and flow rather than force or imbalance. Here are a few topics I will cover in this month’s masterclass:

  • What is energy?

  • Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

  • Channeling Your Energy in a Way That Serves You Instead of Draining You

  • The Sacred Balance Between Yin and Yang

  • Archetypes + Their Message in Modern Times

  • And so much more!

The masterclass will be held on february 16 at 2pm eastern us time, but There Will Be A Recording For Those Who Can’t Make It Live.